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If you love health coaching and wellness coaching lessons and breakthroughs, you’ll want to watch this live “Best Of Health and Wellness Coaching Post“ review show.😎 Our most useful social media personal development self-help education posts.

⏱️ Timestamps: ⏱️


0:00 Intro with Corey

0:22 Jumping rope and cardiovascular health – with #DrRhondaPatrick @foundmyfitness on IG

3:49 Best and worst cooking oils – with @healthcoachkait @coachkylee on IG

7:06 Active Listening Skills with @michellehealthcoach on IG

8:49 The Value of health coaching with @michellehealthcoach on IG

10:10 The cost of eating at night and how it affects you with @carmanahm on IG

12:48 Perfectionism and looking at how far you’ve come (a gratitude post) with @wanderful_wellness on IG

15:15 5 signs of an unhealthy guy and why it’s important – with @intentionallifestyle (Deborah) on IG

17:53 Compassion and reasons why someone with anxiety may come across as “rude” with @anxiety_health_coach

19:25 Closing thoughts with Corey

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