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October 31st, 2020 by Corey Teramana

Episode #9 – Coaching World News Show on #healthandwellness lessons that would greatly benefit our lives, vibrancy and overall well-being. Going into foods that heal, practices for mental health in social situations, ayurvedic diets and even a cool iphone hack that’ll help with sleeping better.

If you’re honing in your health and wellness lifestyle, these short clips in todays episode will greatly support you and your vision of a healthy life.

⏱️ Timestamps: ⏱️


0:00 Intro with Corey Teramana

0:47 @Lewis Howes and Dr. Mark Hyman on Foods that will massively help our bodies and how to change our diets 4:31 @Fittuber Ayurvedic medicine as it relates to eating, what to eat and how to intermittent fast for wellness and overall wellness health…

6:03 @carlybenson How to go into social situations for the holidays in a way to maintain your commitments, sobriety and current healthy lifestyle and still have fun without being a party pooper…

8:18 @healthywithcarleigh on how to cut down on the blue light exposure from your iPhone, and significantly improve your sleep quality.…

9:48 @brandonadams @phenomenosomphy & Jiji Thompson on the digital era and the significant ways in which our digital devices and our use of digital platforms affect our thinking, perception, experiences and our relationships with others.…

7:48 BONUS Section on doing something interesting @KelsyYoga…

9:06 Closing with Corey @coachranking

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Health Coaches Wellness Coaches on Coaching World News Show
October 20th, 2020 by Corey Teramana

Episode #2 – Our favorite Health Coaching and Wellness Coaching social media posts and lessons with host Corey Teramana. SUBSCRIBE TODAY:

If you love health coaching and wellness coaching lessons and breakthroughs, you’ll want to watch this live “Best Of Health and Wellness Coaching Post“ review show.😎 Our most useful social media personal development self-help education posts.

⏱️ Timestamps: ⏱️


0:00 Intro with Corey

0:22 Jumping rope and cardiovascular health – with #DrRhondaPatrick @foundmyfitness on IG

3:49 Best and worst cooking oils – with @healthcoachkait @coachkylee on IG

7:06 Active Listening Skills with @michellehealthcoach on IG

8:49 The Value of health coaching with @michellehealthcoach on IG

10:10 The cost of eating at night and how it affects you with @carmanahm on IG

12:48 Perfectionism and looking at how far you’ve come (a gratitude post) with @wanderful_wellness on IG

15:15 5 signs of an unhealthy guy and why it’s important – with @intentionallifestyle (Deborah) on IG

17:53 Compassion and reasons why someone with anxiety may come across as “rude” with @anxiety_health_coach

19:25 Closing thoughts with Corey

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