How to get in the flow state
June 26th, 2020 by Corey Teramana

Ever wondered how to force a State of Flow so that we’re more effective and relaxed?

What if we could create better results without having to try harder?

I say it’s 100% possible if we can do two simple things.

     1.) Become aware that we’re out of our flow state and

     2.) Do a simple process to relax our minds.

But what the heck is a State of Flow and how do we force it?

I like to describe the feeling of Flow as a something that feels timeless, natural or larger than just us.

Everyone’s experienced a State of Flow at some point in their lives… most of the time they describe it as something that just happens when they’re busy doing something they enjoy or when all the elements of a situation are happening perfectly. Flow is often described as a moment when we are observing ourselves and can be useful for doing extraordinary things.

Flow brings a feeling of effortlessness.

I was running the other day and experienced this feeling around mile 2.

It was amazing and I enjoyed it so much that I almost lost the feeling of flow because I started thinking about it. 🙂

How about getting into that State of Flow when we’re definitely not there. For instance, how do we get into the flow when we’re stressed, overly excited, anxious or just trying to get something done and accomplished?

When I follow this simple three step process, I am able to FORCE a Flow State and you can too. If you’re interested in doing things from a more connected and more enjoyable place, this little method should help.

Since most of the time I tend to live life on autopilot, the first thing I need to do is become aware of what I’m doing and what thoughts are running through my head (if any).

The second thing I need to do is get my body and mind into the same rhythm. This part that can takes a bit of preparation and practice but is definitely not rocket science.

The simplest way I know how to achieve Flow is through breath.

You’ve likely gone through a quick meditation process before to get centered or to access your creativity, right?

And I know that a good meditation can take anywhere from 2 to 15 mins to do. (Yikes… if you’re in a rush.)

However, this little tool works well over 90% of the time for me and it’s called the simple “16 Count Box Breath.”

It helps me put my body and mind into neutral so I can make a shift into a specific gear. This exercise naturally facilitates the feeling or the state of flow.

Try this box breath and let me know if it works for you!

     Start by taking a 4 second inhale…

     Then by holding your breath for 4 more seconds…

     Then make a 4 second exhale and…

     Then follow it with 4 more seconds of having no air in your lungs.

You can always do this a few times to really get into the mood… and then you can choose a more favorable context, attitude or atmosphere to shift into.

If you can viscerally feel the results of this box breath as an overwhelming relaxation or calmness, flow will follow…

The overall takeaway from this article is that we can make large shifts to the way we feel and how well we perform by taking simple little meditative actions.

If done right and often enough, you’ll find yourself in a State of Flow more often. You may notice the other states of fear, anxiousness and stress, start to lessen from your life.

I hope this helps you out and I hope you use it throughout the day to “force” the feeling of flow, as ironic and counterintuitive as it sounds.

I always like to remind myself that, “A relaxed and centered mind is a highly effective and creative productive mind!”

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