July 8th, 2019 by Corey Teramana

Today’s blog is all about preparing our body for success. Our tool, our temple, our vessel, our transmitting utility for animating our spirit deserves not only our respect, but our personal care and attention to keep it operating smoothly.

Imagine a Tesla vehicle factory or a high performing manufacturing facility. Before they began production, they designed the building, thought about all the parts of the assembly line, planned for efficiency and then carried out construction.

This blog will help you focus on your body. To get the blood and oxygen flowing so we have better digestion, hydration and cleaner energy.

We are going to break up this article into four simple parts. It will require some thinking, planning and action. Our goal is to start a discipline that will carry you through the next 30-90 days and give you a more consistent supply of energy, oxygen and water. Today isn’t about making tons of changes or killing yourself at the gym. It’s about creating space and vitality within your body to operate better.


You could start by adding one thing to your diet and subtract one thing from your diet. All we’re looking to do is put some LIVE food in you and reduce inflammation within your cells. Simple enough?

Things people add to their diet to improve digestion and give us more clean
energy include: a salad, a protein shake, almond milk, ghee, vegetables,
carrots, cucumbers, broccoli, spinach, water, CBD

Ask yourself this question:

What one thing can you add to your diet to facilitate better digestion,
cleaner energy and better health?


Things people remove from their diet: High fructose corn syrup, sugar, fried
foods, white bread, white pasta, soda, alcohol, red meat, boxed cereals,
microwavable frozen meals, milk.

Ask yourself this question:

What one thing can you subtract from your diet to facilitate better
digestion, cleaner energy and better health?


You can drink up to 40 extra ounces of water. Any increase of water to our system helps reduce inflammation, hunger pains, stress and constipation.
Adding water increases brain function, patience, digestion and nutrient


You can implement some light exercise into your day so that you feel happier, you create more serotonin, your energy lifts, your skin looks
healthier, your labido increases, your memory increases from the intake and more efficient delivery of blood and oxygen to your brain, and your sleep is deeper.

Things people do to exercise are: yoga, dancing, martial arts, sports,
basketball game, hiking, stretching, walking, jogging, a group class, a
YouTube video on exercise, a work out at the gym. Just do something to
limber up and get the blood flowing.

What is one exercise you can do today?


you can focus on breathing deeply for a few minutes. You’ll oxygenate your blood, lift your mood and increase your lung capacity. A great practice is called the box breath. You can breathe in deeply through your nose for 6 seconds. Then hold your breath for 6 seconds. Then exhale through your nose for 6 seconds. Then finally relax with no air in your lungs for 6 seconds. This total breath takes 24 seconds.
Feel free to do it for 2-5 minutes!

Lastly, treat yourself well with a warm bath, a longer shower, a sauna, a little sun on the skin, a massage or a chiropractic adjustment. Be easy on you!!!

What’s Next?

If you haven’t yet, go and watch the extra video training exercises and make a then you can come make a post in the Goals support Facebook Group about any wins or struggles associated with this article. That link to the group is here.

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