June 14th, 2020 by Corey Teramana

Did you know that CoachRanking has 6 specific levels of profiles to help Coaches, Consultants and service providers build their business and to help users (clients) get the most from the site so they can achieve their goals?


Ok cool, tell me all about them Corey!

Level 1 profile – Allows anyone to create a free profile to comment on profiles, to give rankings and to get access to the full CoachRanking website. So, this is for everyone that doesn’t have a Coach, Consultant or service provider profile.

Level 2 profile – Allows a Coach, Consultant or service provider to create (or claim) a business free profile listing. A level 2 user can update their picture, update their biography and choose up to three niche categories that best describe their business.

Level 3 profile – Allows a level 2 user to upgrade their CoachRanking account so they can create a deeper connection with users on their profile. This upgrade allows you to display your best website link and your best social media link. Plus, as an added bonus the level 3 upgrade allows you to explain your “WHY” by implementing 3 story videos. The first is your COmpany Video explaining how your company came to be. The second is for your Personal Story video explaining why you love working with customers and clients. The third video is for your best Testimonial Story video. Another huge bonus that all Level 3 users get is the ability to delete any negative or spam comments on their CoachRanking profile.  A subtle bonus of having an upgraded account is that your score increases the more people watch your videos on your page. 

CoachRanking level 3 upgrade

Level 4 profile – Allows a Level 4 user to display up to 5 YouTUbe videos in their personal Training Video Carousel. Again, the goal is to not only connect with but educate your audience while they’re on your CoachRanking profile page. Your videos will showcase your expertise and give potential consumers a first hand experience of what you offer when you work with people. Take someone from point “A” to point “B” in 5 videos. Are you up for it? This will help people upvote the usefulness of your profile and create massive amounts of goodwill and value too! With the Level 4 upgrade, you get all the features of the Level 3 profile upgrade!

CoachRanking level 4 upgrade

Level 5 profile – Activates the Contact ME Directly button feature which helps you get into enrollment conversations with interested prospects on your CoachRanking profile page. You get direct messages at the exact perfect time from highly engaged leads. Another feature of the Level 5 upgrade is that your profile is converted into RUSH Affiliate Status so you can make up to 60% commissions as a super affiliate. Gives you the ability to build teams of affiliates underneath you and make override commissions on their sales while we train your teams of affiliates each week. For the Coach looking to increase their bottom line at the end of the month, the Level 5 upgrade helps you do that by simply inviting others to claim their free CoachRanking profiles. With the Level 5 upgrade, you get all the features of the Level 3 and Level 4 profile upgrades!

CoachRanking level 5 upgrade

Level 6 profile – This is an add on profile level upgrade that works with any Level 2-5 profile. You become a Sponsored Leaderboard profile at the top of your category niche of choice. So anytime someone searches your niche, your profile is displayed at the top of the results page and is highlighted in yellow. You will have exclusive positioning for 30 days and this is the fastest way to build your CoachRanking profile and business. One thing that’s very important to convey here is that each niche only has 3 spots available and that this feature is offered on a first come first serve basis, so act now to see if your desired niche position is available. Depending on what category your specific niche falls into the cost is based on popularity in three different types of category, Alternate, Standard and Premium. To check availability, visit this CoachRanking link here to grab it before someone else does. 

CoachRanking level 6 upgrade

To see the complete plans and pricing table, click this link here to learn more.

And to create your free profile click this link: claimyourcoachrankingprofile.com

I thank you very much for reading this whole blog article and encourage you to reach out if our team can answer any questions for you around what plan may be the best to help you accomplish the specific goals you have in mind for your CoachRanking profile! Just reach out to corey@coachranking.com

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