How can I run my own business and teach marketing
October 15th, 2020 by Corey Teramana
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Sometimes, even the people who look like they have it together, don’t.
While my life looks great on the surface:

-I recently got an office because working at home started driving me nuts.

-I’ve had to help my 10-year old son focus more in school because we get notes from the teacher that he’s using school as a social bonanza as opposed to a learning opportunity.

-I don’t always get along with my partner, who sees things quite differently than me at times ( let’s just say: it’s not easy to be with an entrepreneur) 😬

Recently someone asked me:

“How can I run my own business and teach marketing, if I barely know what to do in my own life?”


No one in the history of the world, has ever had it all together.

We’re all learning as we go.

Flying by the seat of our pants (especially entrepreneurs!).

And that’s OK.

Just because your life isn’t perfect, doesn’t mean you can’t dream and take action towards a life that’s a little closer to how you really imagine it to be.

(And it definitely doesn’t mean you can’t give marketing advice if you’re well-educated in what works!).

Here’s to my imperfection, and yours…
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