Three common goals people choose
July 7th, 2019 by Corey Teramana

Why are these top three goals actually bad to attempt?

We always start out creating goals from a place of clarity and articulation. Many people fail at goals (and actually get further away from their desired outcome) because their goals are to vague and nebulous.

To achieve a goal, it needs top be very specific and attainable. People often focus on something like, “Losing 20 lbs” instead of making the goal about the specific lifestyle choices that will ultimately close the gap faster, such as intermittent fasting for the next 30 days or removing all high fructose corn syrup and white bread pastas from their diet.

If they pursued the specific action items oppose to the vague, “Lose 30 lbs” goal, they’re not only hit it, but they’d know exactly what to do every day to inch closer to that lofty 30 lb goal!

Learn how to phrase the Top 3 Goals you really want like “Goals for Love” “Goals for Health” and “Goals for Money” and why so many people don’t hit the goals they’re after.

So, if you want to set goals for Money, Health and Love… use these tips to clearly articulate the main thing that will bring you closer to those big ones!

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How to properly word vague goals

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