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July 8th, 2019 by Corey Teramana

This is my favorite tool in my belt…

I’m going to show you how to set up “PRECISE” results and outcomes in a way that you may have never experienced before. This specific piece of technology has been working for my mentors and their students for years and it has predictably changed my life, my business and most of my clients lives with scary accuracy.

What Is A V.C.P.R. and How Do I Use It?

I love this section more than most because it combines many natural powers of our minds and the universe in a peanut butter and jelly sandwich type of way. Imagine for a moment that you could design remarkable things in your life with no filter or limits. That all you had to do was write them down on paper and the gears of the universe would turn in the direction of your words. 

Before you get into writing your own V.C.P.R., let me tell you a bit more about what a great VCPR can do and then how to create one.

If we’re being honest… this question should jolt you a bit. What’s at stake for your business, life and loved ones if you don’t take the lead role and create the things that you want most? The uncomfortable answer may be… Your Whole Big Beautiful Vision For Your Life & Legacy.

In a moment, we’re going to go through an example V.C.P.R. so you can get into action around yours. 


Think for a moment about what you see yourself doing in a wide array of situations. Do you see yourself doing a certain type of work or helping a specific type of cause? How do you envision the world? Your businesses? Your conversations and even your celebrations?


In this next section, we will be going into your version of the VCPR as it relates to your life, business and your next 2-3 years. We will be using a process called The Connection Formula to connect you to your ultimate Vision and path.

A solid V.C.P.R. begins with your vision of the world, your life, your career path, your relationships or something more specific dealing with your 30 Day Goal. 


Ponder for a moment…

Your Vision:

A vision is a lofty ideal that makes up who you are and what you ultimately want to see, experience and be a part of in life. Your vision is very closely linked to the legacy you wish to leave for your family and the world.


Do you have a Vision that you’re really connected to? (Circle YES or NO)


Is it your Vision or is it someone else’s that you’re following?  


Ok… What is your level of connectedness to that Vision? Circle one 1-2-3-4-5 (Five is very connected)


For example, Mine as it relates to my 30 Day Goal of “Jogging 4 miles a day” is: __That people live in well rounded health, wellness and joy___.


 Ok, your turn… What is your Vision as it relates to your 30 day goal? Kindly, write it below.


My Vision is that: __________________________________________________________



Your Purpose:

A purpose is the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.


Ponder for a moment… 


What is the purpose of you accomplishing this 30 day goal?

Here’s an example of how to structure a purpose: to (_____do something specific / accomplish your goal____) so that (_____something very personal to you____), (______something more social, family or community based_____), and (_______MY VISION_______) happens.


For example, mine purpose as it relates to my 30 Day Goal of “Jogging 4 miles a day” is: __To enjoy jogging 4 miles a day so I think more clearly, reduce inflammation and make greater gains at work to positively impact more people’s lives.  

Now it’s your turn. Fill out yours below:

My purpose is to: __________________________________________________________


______________________________________________________ so that ______________ 







Your Context: (My fav…)

A context is an attitude, a way of being, an atmosphere or a way of showing up to a situation to facilitate your purpose and results.


Ponder for a moment… 


What is your context for accomplishing this 30 day goal?

Here’s an example of how what a great context looks like: 

Ex 1: Solid as a rock.

Ex 2: Crystal Clear

Ex 3: I Love This Shit! 

Ex 4: Get Er Done…!

Ex 5: Just Do It (That’s the context of NIKE, right?)


For example, my Context for accomplishing my 30 day goal is: (Caring) Putting my oxygen mask on first so I can effectively help others. 


Ok, write your Context for how you’ll have to show up to accomplish your action items / benchmarks below:


My Context is: ___________________________________________________


Your Results:

A result is a consequence, an effect, or an outcome of something. Your results as they apply to accomplishing your 30 day goal may be peripheral things and bonus gifts that you receive or learn as a result of doing your 30 day goal process with us. You can still get these results that we’ll create below even if you’re 30 day goal doesn’t happen according to plan. On this V.C.P.R., you can create about 5-20 results. Naturally, these should really be things that you want to gain experience or have happen!


We break results down into two seperate areas:

1.) Concrete results or measurable and tangible results. (For example, a concrete result could be… I lost 2% points of fat on my body by day 30. Another concrete result could be… I reduced my 4 mile time by 15% by day 30. They are concrete and measurable. Plus, they are different than my initial 30 day goal.


2.) Ethereal results or unmeasurable or tangible results. (For example, an ethereal result could be… I felt like a winner when I helped people work towards and accomplish their 30 goals. Another ethereal result could be… I felt more confident when getting on video and producing content for people.) You can tell if you got them, but you can’t physically measure them. Right? Like how confident did I feel as a result? Well, more but there’s no number to measure my confidence level that rose from helping people. Could say 50% but it’s still not considered concrete.


Ok, cool!


Now, how do you properly structure a result on your V.C.P.R.? Here’s a great rule of thumb. Every result you gain is caused and linked to a specific action.


Ok? So technically, your action items from Day 8, could be your action items… and how you could write that would look like:


(Concrete Result #1) Because I kept my shoes by the door, I thought about running all day long and enjoyed myself when I did run.


Ok? And an example of my ethereal result could be written like this:


(Ethereal Result #1) By running everyday, I felt like a more attractive man.


Ok? They can be personal and meaningful to you.


Pro Tip: Remember to write your results in the past tense, as if they already happened. It’s a brain trick that we use to properly frame the event in the mind as something that’s already done opposed to something that NEEDS to be done. 


Ok, your turn. Write about 5 Concrete Results and about 5 Ethereal Results for your 30 Day Goal Process below. (Try it and if you have questions, post to the group and ask for support, clarity and feedback)


Action item: Create your supplemental results below… (Actually, I’ll just list one example of each. If you want to do more or work with us further… (Hop in our dedicated group

(Concrete Result #1) ________________________________________________________



Ok, great… let’s create the ethereal results or the immeasurable results.

(Ethereal Result #1)  ________________________________________________________




Ok, that was awesome… What next?

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Ok, perfect! Way to go.

I know these take time and require a little bit of thinking, but the outcome will be surprisingly powerful and accurate. If you’re going to go for a big goal, it behooves you to do the complete process so you get MAXIMUM VALUE from our time together.

And if you have more results that you didn’t get to include in the above Action Guide slots… Add more on a separate sheet of paper… or create your own V.C.P.R. and do it again. At the bottom of this page, I’ll include a full template for you to use if you want to put it all together on one doc. I recommend that, but you may or may not go that far. (I normally go way beyond because I’m overly obsessive and hungry to change stuff in my life 🙂

Ok, you’re on it! Way to go…

Celebrate this win, yet again. If you just read through this and didn’t participate… Join us and get the action guides, training videos and support team. That link is here to get registered for free.  

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