How to train your brain for success
July 8th, 2019 by Corey Teramana

Imagine that you could train your brain this year and it would support you for the rest of your life! Notice I said for a whole year oppose to the other wack stuff you hear from people out here on the internet, “Like… 14 days to create a new habit… right?”

The reason why I say 3 months to a year for this process is because we’re dealing with preexisting negative and sabotaging beliefs already deep in your subconscious.

I like to tell people that —> the part of their brain (subconscious mind) is like a computer with programs (beliefs) running in the background.

Ok great… how do I do it?

Fair question…

You’ll be able to identify your most disempowering belief and get rid of it so it no longer holds any power over you. Even better, you’ll be able to create a wildly empowering and supportive new belief and install it in your subconscious mind like your brain is a super computer.

What else can I look forward to?

Get ready to retrain your brain in a replicatable way that you can customize for anything you want more on in your life, business or relationship.

We are going to train your brain with a Mantram that you create for yourself. This will be very personal, yet powerful work to increase your brain power and aid in your 30 day goal success (actually a life of success). Trust this process and give yourself permission to look into the places in your mind that may be confronting and challenging. I’ll do it with you so it’ll be easier!


Training Our Brains… How Do We Prepare ?

So, before we train your brain by creating a new belief that empowers you… we’ll want to identify at least one big negative or disempowering belief that may sabotage your efforts, your success and your goals.


Try your best to pick one of your most disempowering beliefs about yourself or about being successful (whatever your definition of success is)…


In this section, you’re encouraged to think of a belief that you’re likely holding onto from childhood, early adulthood or just something that you picked up from someone else that’s likely negatively affecting your life, business or relationships.


As you think about what yours could be, consider these four very common examples of disempowering beliefs that most of us need to address (Pick and circle the one that most resembles yours)

Hint: they all deal with worthiness.


      1.) Not being worthy enough

      2.) Not good enough

      3.) Not worth supporting

      4.) Not worth loving


Our subconscious is black and white as far as it “co-signing” something or not. The subconscious says, “Yes, you’re worthy of having a million dollars in the bank and a significant other that loves you sleeping in your bed every night to keep you warm and to make you laugh… or it doesn’t.)

The subconscious makes up it’s rules based on our past (previous actions, repetitive thoughts, input from parents and teachers, our daily habitual reinforcements, commercials and advertisements we watch and many more things.) Got it, very black and white. So our job is to slip in one (a more serving belief) that the subconscious can accept… and that happens through reinforcement of a SMART Mantra. Once we articulate the new one… reinforce it through daily repetition [actually bombardment] then it’ll accept it in and work for us forever!)


The unfair part: back when we were 2 yrs old to 11 yrs old… a teacher or parent could slip a belief (judgement) in as simply as mentioning that we were inadequate, dumb, stupid, a waste of energy to teach, slower than the other kids or just not good enough… and the subconscious mind took it right in as gospel 🙁


The cure: we can change those with some work and consistency. HOLLA!


We’ll come back to that later, but for now…

Can you think of a disempowering belief that relates to the one you circled above and also one that applies to your biggest struggle or most undesirable pattern in your life, business or relationship as it relates to your 30 Day Goal? 

How to train your brain

An example of my disempowering belief as it relates to my 30 day goal of “Jogging 4 miles everyday is that I won’t have enough time and that I’m already overwhelmed and at full capacity” could be:  Because my business is not where I want it, I’m not worthy of taking extra time for myself yet.


Kinda stings, huh. Well it’s ok and we have a great process for erasing and building a better belief that empowers us to do more and feel better. Again, everyone has them and that’s why they are exactly where they are at in their lives.


Ok, so what do you think your biggest disempowering belief is as it relates to your 30 Day Goal? 

Kindly write that down on a piece of paper like this: 

 The disempowering belief is that: ________________.


Ok great… Part 2

Ok, great work. Now, what is the opposite of that belief above if you were to write it in the affirmative (or in a positive way)? 

Write the new EMPOWERING positive (or affirming) belief : _____.


Let’s Create A New EMPOWERING Belief To Ensure Your Success In This 30 Day Goal

Just below this line is the structure that many people use for what’s called a S.M.A.R.T. goal, but without little twist on it which builds it deeper in your subconscious. 


That acronym stands for:

     S: Specific

     M: Measurable

     A: Attainable

     R: Results driven

     T: Time based


Inside the subconscious mind, we work with the varying levels of worthiness in the psyche. Boiled down in the least technical way possible, we tend to realize the results in our life (and business) based on what our subconscious mind deems us as worthy of receiving. 

To counteract this, we use a backdoor “Worthiness Hack” and Mantram to reprogram our desired results into our belief system in a very fast and permanent way. You’ll learn in the next section how to practice this powerful Mantra in a very effective and simple way.  


This is what a structured Mantra looks like utilizing this worthiness hack: 

Because I’m Worthy of _____________________, I, __(X)___, __(Y)___, and __(Z)___ for the next 90 days (or by…[pick a date 90 days out from today])


My personal 30 Day Goal might look like this…


“Because I am worthy of exercising and taking time for myself, I jogged 4 miles everyday, enjoyed it and increased my work performance so I made more money by September 1, 2019 or sooner.  

[See, a little better and addresses my main disempowering beliefs so I can create new neural pathways around both the new beliefs and the desired results.]

Let’s Create Your Personalized Mantram

If you could overwrite (or groove a new neural pathway) around your existing negative belief… would you? 

Great, let’s do that here so you can start training your subconscious mind to work for you. 

To get the best results with this process, your new belief (Mantram) needs to be clearly articulated on paper and rewritten about 5-10 times a day for roughly 90+ days straight. 

Yikes, I know! It can technically be done in 5 mins and it will become a pretty introspective meditative period of your day.

That will start to seed the new belief in your deep mind so it can grow into a new habit. 


Pro Tip: It’s important to handwrite your Mantram daily to incorporate your motor functions in this process for lasting effects. 


Even if you’re skeptical… about this type of process, just give it a try.


So, to succeed in your 30 day goal, what things must you be worthy of receiving or doing to achieve it? Fill it in below:

Create Your New Belief: Because I am worthy, ___________.

Create Your New Result: The end result I will have in 90 days is: ____.


Do you feel any better with this level of clarity on your new result?


What Is A Realistic Action Plan For Implementing Your Mantra?

Step 1. Determine if any outside factors are enforcing the old disempowering belief. Remove them if possible and practical.

Step 2. Hand write your new Mantra 5+ times per day for 90+ days consecutively (Use the template at end of this Action Guide)

Step 3. Speak your Mantra in front of the mirror 5+ times per day for 90 days consecutively (Use the template at end of this Action Guide)


*Notes for increasing the effectiveness of your Mantra

* Try to viscerally feel the results of your Mantra while you’re speaking and writing it so it anchors deep into your frontal cortex.

* Bring your awareness to the “New Vibration” of your Results and give them color, context and texture. Bring them to life through awareness of new feelings and emotions related to them.

* STAY CONSISTENT and make time for this daily practice (10 mins first thing in the AM works well. Integrate it as part of your Power Hour [a dedicated hour everyday to energize your body, flush your system, focus your mind and connect your spirit to a higher purpose])

* Make your new belief and results realistic so your subconscious mind will accept them in.

Ok, you’re on it! Way to go… There’s one more resource I have for you to help accelerate your process, deepen your new belief and help you access a deeper inner power.

Sweet Corey… What’s Next?

If you loved this… I mean really loved this article, than you could watch this video and then come join us for free as we go into the Ultimate Goals Course I created for my friends! That link’s here when ur ready!

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create your best 30 day goal
July 8th, 2019 by Corey Teramana

In the world of picking a mate, one could say… “There are many possible mates for me, but one (sometimes two) are best for me.” Well, the same applies to picking your best 30 day goal.

In this blog article, we’re going to hyper-focus on preparing your BEST 30 day goal. You may have multiple goals floating around in your head as something you want to do, but one of them will be the BEST! This quick process will help you narrow it down. The result? You will achieve the #1 goal to advance your life and your agenda the most or furthest.

What Goal Is Worth Focusing On?

Like we were saying above… there are tons of goals that you could pick, but only one is perfect for this time in your life. By focusing on this blog article and applying it to what you want most, you’ll be able to achieve a bigger goal than you would have been able to without us.

Reverse Engineering Your Vision and Goals…

What Are Your Big Five Goals?

Like we were saying above… there are tons of goals that you could pick, but only one is perfect for this time in your life. By focusing on this blog article and applying it to what you want most, you’ll be able to achieve a bigger goal than you would have been able to without us.

Let’s take a look at your Big Five, aka, the most important things in your life and how they relate to this mission you’re on. With this exercise, we are looking for ONE specific thing in each area that you strive to improve over the duration of the next 90 days. After thinking about each of the main five areas (in no particular order), you can write down the ONE thing that’s most important to you at this point in your life for each of them. This section may be challenging for you to exclude some and include others, but that’s the point of this exercise and I’ll show you later how these relate to your biggest most attainable goal. 

Your Biggest Health Goal or Concern

This represents any goals or outcomes relating to your personal identity, physical vibrancy, emotional wellness and intellectual acuity (or sharpness / capacity). List the one in particular that you are currently interested in improving in the next 90 days…

Your Biggest Family Goal or Concern

This represents any goals or outcomes relating to your closest relationships, children, pets and loved ones. List the one in particular that you are currently interested in improving in the next 90 days…

Your Biggest Career Goal or Concern

This represents any goals or outcomes relating to your skills, your professionalism, your ability to provide financial abundance and even your level of feeling satisfied in regards to your success. List the one in particular that you are currently interested in improving in the next 90 days…

Your Biggest Social Goal or Concern

This represents any goals or outcomes relating to the support in your life, your social impact, your reach and your ability to influence. List the one in particular that you are currently interested in improving in the next 90 days…

Your Biggest Faith Goal or Concern

This represents any goals or outcomes relating to your spiritual or religious fulfilment, your contribution to others and even your ability to trust your intuition. List the one in particular that you are currently interested in improving in the next 90 days…

Was there anything we missed?

Ok, great Was there anything we missed? Take a quick moment and ask yourself… did the 5 things you wrote above cover your #1 biggest and best goal for the next 30-90 days?

Now, depending on what you wrote above in the last 6 entries, you should know what your perfect goal or outcome is. Ask yourself, “What is the 30 day version of this?” What part of this goal can I chunk down to get realistically completed in the next 30 days?

Write that down on your notebook or paper also… in the form of… In 30 days from now, I will have (done something, received something, accomplished something or other) 

Was That Realistic For You?

For example, my 30 day goal was to get 1,000 people into this goal challenge group in the next 30 days. It’s realistic… however, if I said 100,000 people in the group, that would be BS and set me up for a failure. Technically, I could’ve made it just 100 people and been fine, but I’ve done this sort of thing before and know how to advertise on FaceBook and Google. Plus I have my “homework, enrollment videos, websites, FB group, Action guides and more… already created. That increases your likelihood of success with this particular thing. 

So, how far away are you from your goal? If you’re too far, dial it back. If you weigh 190 lbs and want to put on 20 pounds of muscle in 30 days… guess what, it’s not likely and it may stunt your 90 day and 180 day success. You may be better off going for 8 lbs of lean muscle… or 5. 

So, did you modify your goal based on those last examples of being realistic? If so, rewrite it on your sheet.

How much further could we go with this process together?

Well… quite far. At this point, I’d recommend that you hop into our free goals support training program and community. We’ve got daily exercises like this, amazing training videos and a fb group full of support. You can come get registered by clicking this link… looking for to working together.

Click here to get registered 100% Free!

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10 steps to complete a goal
July 7th, 2019 by Corey Teramana

Achieving a meaningful goal can be a great experience when you’re clear on what your best goal is to focus on.

Many people mess up their goal process because of three main things…

1.) Not being clear on what their best goal is

2.) Not having a simple and achievable action plan in place to succeed

3.) Not having support for when things get hard or challenging (Which they certainly will)

We’ve been helping people accomplish their goals for the last 10 years and have determined 10 powerful steps to ensure predictable goal success. You can join us for free at to get the complete outline of all 10 steps.

With our 10 step process, you’re going to learn how to:

1.) Discover Your BIG Why

2.) Prepare Your Body

3.) Prepare Your Environment

4.) Prepare Your Mind

5.) Prepare Your Spirit

6.) Prepare Your BEST Goal

7.) Create Your Action Plan

8.) Create Your Support Team

9.) Start Your V.C.P.R. Road Map To Success

10.) Retrain Your Brain For Your Goal

So… any thoughts on what your next 30 day goal would look like? Jump all in and get started today! 

Useful notes to consider… start with a goal or action step that you CAN ACCOMPLISH with reasonable consideration and effort. THink of this plan as a way to help you successfully knock off goals one at a time in a methodical approach that becomes natural and fun!

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