set smart goals
July 8th, 2019 by Corey Teramana

Want to set a goal and actually follow through with it this time?

Let’s use the industry standard structure and formula… (WITH A TWIST)

In this powerful blog we’re going to talk about a the S.M.A.R.T. method because it’s been around for a long time and it works very well…

Again, I didn’t create this method, I just improved on it to fit our specific use and our accelerated timeline. It works well for creating a Goal or a Mantra to reprogram a subconscious mind (belief system).  


The acronym for the S.M.A.R.T. Method stands for:

     S: Specific

     M: Measurable

     A: Attainable

     R: Results driven

     T: Time based


So check the goal you’re thinking about commiting to and ask yourself …


Is it Specific? To do this or to do that…

Is it Measurable? To lose 8 lbs, to get 1,000 people in a group

Is it Attainable? Something close to what you’re capable of

Is it Results driven? It will happen because of something you do

Is it Time based? Completed within 30 days


So, we’ll ask one more time… Is the goal you’ve chosen the best BEST 30 Day Goal you can accomplish with lots of help and support? 


Ok great… that part is complete and you now have your BEST 30 day goal. If you’re still undecided, REACH OUT TO US and ask for help! Get the templates and training videos in “The Ultimate Goals Program” here before we go further.

free ultimate goals training course from Corey Teramana

Pro Tip: Create gradual steps to complete this so your body and mind work with you in completing it. Inside the subconscious, we work with the varying levels of worthiness in the psyche. 


Boiled down in the least technical way possible, we tend to realize the results in our life (and business) based on what our subconscious mind deems us as worthy of receiving. 

If you haven’t yet,  watch the video training that goes with this article below and get started on your Best 30 Day Goal with these templates in my free goals class.

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find your support team
July 8th, 2019 by Corey Teramana

Believe me… No one likes going through life all alone!

Even if they enjoy isolating (“Talking to the Men out there…”)

Like the Beatles say, We get by with a little help from our friends.”  Believe this… no one gets to where they want without intervention and support from a caring TEAM OF PEOPLE.

That’s what you have here and there’s a skill and a bravery element needed to accept it in.

Today’s all about setting up a very specific and specialized support team. Likely, very new to you with the way we’re going to do it. But, it’ll be eye opening and fun. Be aware of roadblocks, inner resistance and a nagging reluctance to really reach out, be seen and be vulnerable. Most importantly, notice if you’re naturally coachable or supportable. I wasn’t in the first half of my life. I battled people that wanted to help me and I pushed out everyone. Naturally, I found myself all alone, sad, angry and lost. (Dum, Dum, Dum)… until I learned how to ask for help, to help others and to let others love and support me.

Quick Notes: Focus on the things you’ll need support with and who is the best person for that. 

You can create your support team to ensure your success because you won’t be doing this alone. That’s the #1 thing we’re up against. Isolation and discouragement. Luckily, it’s what every other person is going through so you’re not alone in this particular challenge. Every race, gender and age range struggles with asking for help and getting support.  


We’ll be outlining a few areas of our life that need support and we’ll be picking specific people, groups or resources to serve those areas best. 


What Can A True Support Team Really Do For Me?

Easily put? A real team of support makes it so we never have to “do it alone” again. Life isn’t meant to be done all on our own. Get a team, share and collaborate!


Ok, this part should be fun and bring you some relief if you’ve been stressing about HOW YOU’RE GOING TO ACHIEVE THIS MONSTROUS 30 DAY GOAL. Let’s get started with the exercise below.


What’s Your Support Team Look Like?

In this section, you can include needs from your personal life and your business. For example, a psychologist could help both, however a life coach and a health coach would each deserve their own position at your table.

Be specific when writing the potential area for support on the left and the current or desired support team member on the right. These positions can also be paid services from companies, partners you add to your company, mentors and even volunteers or friends offering you free or bartered support.


An example of what mine may look like is: (Remember my goal and action steps from Day 6 & Day 7 – hopefully you read them and worked the Action Guides. If not, go back and do them!)


                        Area for support:                               Team Member:


  •       ___Organization_________________   ___Martin (My Biz Partner)______


  •       ___FB Ads_______________________   ___James (FB Mentor & Coach)_


  •       ___Mental Edge_________________   ____My Men’s Team _____________


  •       ___Yoga (Staying in Balance) ____   ____Greg (Instructor) ____________


  •       ___Having Fun__________________   _____Offroad friends (4) _________

Got it? Cool. These represent just a small fraction of what my real team looks like. In fact, I’ve got someone for everything in my life. Someone’s looking over my back and they have the designation of being “My Teammate & Mentor.” Build these and cast everyone for a specific role. I don’t go to a general friend or acquaintance and start talking about my business or with my insecurities in an area to which they have no frame of reference. Right? They’ll look at me with confusion, even if they love me. Their questions, support and advice will be “off.” 

I don’t go to my Girlfriend and talk about work related struggles. Not her department. With her, we focus on love, healing, enjoying the fruits of our labor, having fun and doing other things. Cool?

 Cool! So, let’s start casting your team below. If you don’t have someone for a specific area? Look to our FB group and get to know someone? 

Think about it, they’re already in this FB group to support and be supported, so it’s a great place to start. 

Lastly, if someone doesn’t work out, its ok because they’re segmented for a specific thing and your “Whole house” or “operation” won’t come tumbling down. Also remember that a complete 20+ person support list takes time to properly cast and build. 

So, start with just a few that DIRECTLY RELATE to your success with this 30 day goal!

Who will be on your support team? Put me in there somewhere 🙂 

Pick the best you can imagine because you’re worth it and you can make it happen! For some of them, you’ll have to call and ask… others, they’re already in place and aware of what’s important to you. Even more important, they’re aware of your shortcomings and you trust them to show up for you.

Action item: Do your best to fill in all 12 roles of area of you life to have support in and list the person or group to help you with that. Be specific!

Ok, you’re on it! Way to go…

So, looking at your list of support areas and corresponding support team, do you feel good about them? Do you need to make some phone calls and talk to some of them before you put this list in stone?


Well, once you do that, post your list in the FB group if you’re up to it and can trust us with your personal list. Start direct messaging people in the FB group to build relationships. Hopefully, you can find someone special who will become your team goal buddy. A prized position. Look to be someone else’s’ team goal buddy. It’s REALLY REWARDING! 


Technically, it’s half the fun… to be part of someone else’s win and success. (That’s why I wake up every morning.) It’s a clean and loving, non manipulative energy that fills our souls!


What To Do Now?

Celebrate this win. Do something nice for yourself. Today was really important and hopefully you can feel the potential, the opportunity and the support.

Pro Tip: ONLY FOCUS ON THE SINGLE ACTION STEP IN FRONT OF YOU TODAY. The good news? You still have two more days to plan and get ready for your first action step / milestone.


Feel better? I do… 🙂

Ok… today’s blog feels complete. Great job. 


If you haven’t yet, go and watch this video training below and download the full 10 day Ultimate Goals Outline by clicking this link!  

Enjoy this video then come join us inside! Yes… it’s free for you to come participate and get phenom support. Click here to get registered

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create your best 30 day goal
July 8th, 2019 by Corey Teramana

In the world of picking a mate, one could say… “There are many possible mates for me, but one (sometimes two) are best for me.” Well, the same applies to picking your best 30 day goal.

In this blog article, we’re going to hyper-focus on preparing your BEST 30 day goal. You may have multiple goals floating around in your head as something you want to do, but one of them will be the BEST! This quick process will help you narrow it down. The result? You will achieve the #1 goal to advance your life and your agenda the most or furthest.

What Goal Is Worth Focusing On?

Like we were saying above… there are tons of goals that you could pick, but only one is perfect for this time in your life. By focusing on this blog article and applying it to what you want most, you’ll be able to achieve a bigger goal than you would have been able to without us.

Reverse Engineering Your Vision and Goals…

What Are Your Big Five Goals?

Like we were saying above… there are tons of goals that you could pick, but only one is perfect for this time in your life. By focusing on this blog article and applying it to what you want most, you’ll be able to achieve a bigger goal than you would have been able to without us.

Let’s take a look at your Big Five, aka, the most important things in your life and how they relate to this mission you’re on. With this exercise, we are looking for ONE specific thing in each area that you strive to improve over the duration of the next 90 days. After thinking about each of the main five areas (in no particular order), you can write down the ONE thing that’s most important to you at this point in your life for each of them. This section may be challenging for you to exclude some and include others, but that’s the point of this exercise and I’ll show you later how these relate to your biggest most attainable goal. 

Your Biggest Health Goal or Concern

This represents any goals or outcomes relating to your personal identity, physical vibrancy, emotional wellness and intellectual acuity (or sharpness / capacity). List the one in particular that you are currently interested in improving in the next 90 days…

Your Biggest Family Goal or Concern

This represents any goals or outcomes relating to your closest relationships, children, pets and loved ones. List the one in particular that you are currently interested in improving in the next 90 days…

Your Biggest Career Goal or Concern

This represents any goals or outcomes relating to your skills, your professionalism, your ability to provide financial abundance and even your level of feeling satisfied in regards to your success. List the one in particular that you are currently interested in improving in the next 90 days…

Your Biggest Social Goal or Concern

This represents any goals or outcomes relating to the support in your life, your social impact, your reach and your ability to influence. List the one in particular that you are currently interested in improving in the next 90 days…

Your Biggest Faith Goal or Concern

This represents any goals or outcomes relating to your spiritual or religious fulfilment, your contribution to others and even your ability to trust your intuition. List the one in particular that you are currently interested in improving in the next 90 days…

Was there anything we missed?

Ok, great Was there anything we missed? Take a quick moment and ask yourself… did the 5 things you wrote above cover your #1 biggest and best goal for the next 30-90 days?

Now, depending on what you wrote above in the last 6 entries, you should know what your perfect goal or outcome is. Ask yourself, “What is the 30 day version of this?” What part of this goal can I chunk down to get realistically completed in the next 30 days?

Write that down on your notebook or paper also… in the form of… In 30 days from now, I will have (done something, received something, accomplished something or other) 

Was That Realistic For You?

For example, my 30 day goal was to get 1,000 people into this goal challenge group in the next 30 days. It’s realistic… however, if I said 100,000 people in the group, that would be BS and set me up for a failure. Technically, I could’ve made it just 100 people and been fine, but I’ve done this sort of thing before and know how to advertise on FaceBook and Google. Plus I have my “homework, enrollment videos, websites, FB group, Action guides and more… already created. That increases your likelihood of success with this particular thing. 

So, how far away are you from your goal? If you’re too far, dial it back. If you weigh 190 lbs and want to put on 20 pounds of muscle in 30 days… guess what, it’s not likely and it may stunt your 90 day and 180 day success. You may be better off going for 8 lbs of lean muscle… or 5. 

So, did you modify your goal based on those last examples of being realistic? If so, rewrite it on your sheet.

How much further could we go with this process together?

Well… quite far. At this point, I’d recommend that you hop into our free goals support training program and community. We’ve got daily exercises like this, amazing training videos and a fb group full of support. You can come get registered by clicking this link… looking for to working together.

Click here to get registered 100% Free!

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failing at a goal
July 7th, 2019 by Corey Teramana

Have you failed at hitting a goal of even with finishing one that you set out to do?

Yea… we all have.

For the last 10+ years, we’ve been getting into the science of how to not only train our brain for lasting support and success, but we started focusing on the missing element to being successful when we set our minds to do something such as accomplishing a goal.

Learn how to avoid the mistakes people make with setting goals

It’s possibleto hit your goal ahead of schedule when you can

1.) Clearly articulate what that goal is

2.) Create a realistic action plan

3.) Get support and accountability for following through

Even with that said, there are quite a few additional things that need done during the preparation phase of your goal setting process. We highly recommend planning for your goal ahead of time and you can use our simple process for getting started with that. I’ve put a link below this for you to click and it will take you to our registration page so you can join our FaceBook Goals community for free. You’ll get action guides every day to keep you focused and in action. The two biggest things we’re up against in the goal achievement world!!!

Join us inside for an abundance of support and training with Corey Teramana and team!
Click here

We’ll see you inside if you’d like an abundance of support and training! Click here to meet us inside.

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