set smart goals
July 8th, 2019 by Corey Teramana

Want to set a goal and actually follow through with it this time?

Let’s use the industry standard structure and formula… (WITH A TWIST)

In this powerful blog we’re going to talk about a the S.M.A.R.T. method because it’s been around for a long time and it works very well…

Again, I didn’t create this method, I just improved on it to fit our specific use and our accelerated timeline. It works well for creating a Goal or a Mantra to reprogram a subconscious mind (belief system).  


The acronym for the S.M.A.R.T. Method stands for:

     S: Specific

     M: Measurable

     A: Attainable

     R: Results driven

     T: Time based


So check the goal you’re thinking about commiting to and ask yourself …


Is it Specific? To do this or to do that…

Is it Measurable? To lose 8 lbs, to get 1,000 people in a group

Is it Attainable? Something close to what you’re capable of

Is it Results driven? It will happen because of something you do

Is it Time based? Completed within 30 days


So, we’ll ask one more time… Is the goal you’ve chosen the best BEST 30 Day Goal you can accomplish with lots of help and support? 


Ok great… that part is complete and you now have your BEST 30 day goal. If you’re still undecided, REACH OUT TO US and ask for help! Get the templates and training videos in “The Ultimate Goals Program” here before we go further.

free ultimate goals training course from Corey Teramana

Pro Tip: Create gradual steps to complete this so your body and mind work with you in completing it. Inside the subconscious, we work with the varying levels of worthiness in the psyche. 


Boiled down in the least technical way possible, we tend to realize the results in our life (and business) based on what our subconscious mind deems us as worthy of receiving. 

If you haven’t yet,  watch the video training that goes with this article below and get started on your Best 30 Day Goal with these templates in my free goals class.

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create an action plan
July 8th, 2019 by Corey Teramana

In the previous blog article titled, “How to create your best 30 day goal,”(opens in a new tab) we focused on creating the BEST 30 day goal possible for this time in your life. Now, in this blog article, we focus on making a very simple action plan that you would focus on from here on out.

Thinking about the huge goal can be overwhelming and actually put us behind schedule…

Thinking about a simple daily action step to take you closer that that big goal is funner and more productive.

This tends to be the most overlooked process of goal setters. The result? You avoid overwhelm and actually feel like your goal is attainable and possible throughout your 30 day period!

Quick Notes:

Focus on the little milestones that will make up your complete goal. This step makes our process fun, manageable and easier.

Getting Started With Your Goal Milestones!

We’ll be chunking down your goal into about 5, 10 action steps to focus on. So, from here on, we won’t talk about or even focus on your 30 day goal. We’ll become obsessed with the simpler 5-10 action step milestones. We’ll gamify it or turn it into a fun game… you’ll see. 

Ok, this part should be fun and bring you great relief if you’ve been stressing or wondering about HOW WE’RE GOING TO ACHIEVE THIS MONSTROUS 30 DAY GOAL. Let’s get started with the exercise below.


Start Here: Think about what it will really take to accomplish your goal. There should be simple things that you can do every day to move closer to completing the entire goal.

Pace yourself and make it easy on yourself. I’ll use the example of my goal which is to “To fill my goals class with 500 people”

If I have 20 days after my prep period (of 10 days), what can I do everyday to inch closer to it? I’ll do mine, then you can create yours below mine.


Pro Tip: these action steps / milestones may not be day specific. Meaning that if you have 20 days total… and “5” action steps, you’ll work on one milestone for about 4 days each. 


Right? Some shorter and some longer. Try and make them even if possible.

My Example of My Goal Milestones…

*** I have to say, mine is an advanced option and fairly complex goal. Probably a bad example, but it’s what I WANT MOST and can manage! And I’ve been doing this process for the past 10+ years with astounding success, so I can take it on and get it done. I could have used the example of gaining 5lbs of muscle or in going to yoga 6 days a week. Right? Your goal doesn’t need to be complex or too big. Remember, we’ll have additional time to expand out goal next month if we want to.


Milestone / Action step #1: Make sure my FB group is live with a link to my Registration page in the description and rules for the group members on conduct and spamming.


Milestone / Action step #2: Get my second 30 Day Goal group member by personally messaging and calling FB friends to the FB group registration page. Also invite friends, family members and acquaintances.


Milestone / Action step #3: Create my FB ads (5 variations) and link them to my FB Group Registration page. (Includes new photo for each, headline and CTA)


Milestone / Action step #4: Turn on my FB ads and go LIVE


Milestone / Action step #5: Create and launch organic marketing materials, MEMEs and videos to disseminate and post to all 7 of my Social Media Platforms


Milestone / Action step #6: Check my FB ads stats and modify them to get $1 per registration. 


Milestone / Action step #7:Ask everyone for help including (YOU) and the others already in this room to invite their friends while I also Invite the rest of my FB friends again (for the second time)


Milestone / Action step #8:  Increase my budget spend by 50% on my winning ads and cut the losing or (unpopular / non converting) FB ads


Milestone / Action step #9:  Create my Youtube Video Ads (2 variations) and link them to my Registration page. (Includes 2 previously shot videos, 2 headlines and 2 CTA’s)


Milestone / Action step #10: Ask for help again from the FB group to invite their friends. Ask my friends for a third time to join!


There it is… A big goal, 10 realistic action steps, an average of 2 days for each milestone and would yield an average of 25 new people per day. Now, because I do this full time and have the resources to support it, it’s considered a S.M.A.R.T. 30 Day Goal! Will I beat that goal? Likely. Can I quadruple it the following month? Likely. Is it realistic and attainable enough to build wins and momentum for everything else in my life? YES


Now it’s your turn (If you’re following along and actually setting your Action Plan now…!)

So, rewrite your final BEST 30 day goal again for clarity on your paper.

Now choose how many action steps are required to accomplish it and organize your actions below. (5? 10? It’s your call)


Make ten the MAXIMUM amounts of steps. If it requires more… downsize your goal because we don’t want this first one too overwhelming. 


We’ll build on these goals as the days, weeks and months go by. We’re looking for small wins first.


Make these as simple small and clear as possible

And if you’d like to come and do this process with us and let us support you… please do so. You can meet us and get registered at 


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create your best 30 day goal
July 8th, 2019 by Corey Teramana

In the world of picking a mate, one could say… “There are many possible mates for me, but one (sometimes two) are best for me.” Well, the same applies to picking your best 30 day goal.

In this blog article, we’re going to hyper-focus on preparing your BEST 30 day goal. You may have multiple goals floating around in your head as something you want to do, but one of them will be the BEST! This quick process will help you narrow it down. The result? You will achieve the #1 goal to advance your life and your agenda the most or furthest.

What Goal Is Worth Focusing On?

Like we were saying above… there are tons of goals that you could pick, but only one is perfect for this time in your life. By focusing on this blog article and applying it to what you want most, you’ll be able to achieve a bigger goal than you would have been able to without us.

Reverse Engineering Your Vision and Goals…

What Are Your Big Five Goals?

Like we were saying above… there are tons of goals that you could pick, but only one is perfect for this time in your life. By focusing on this blog article and applying it to what you want most, you’ll be able to achieve a bigger goal than you would have been able to without us.

Let’s take a look at your Big Five, aka, the most important things in your life and how they relate to this mission you’re on. With this exercise, we are looking for ONE specific thing in each area that you strive to improve over the duration of the next 90 days. After thinking about each of the main five areas (in no particular order), you can write down the ONE thing that’s most important to you at this point in your life for each of them. This section may be challenging for you to exclude some and include others, but that’s the point of this exercise and I’ll show you later how these relate to your biggest most attainable goal. 

Your Biggest Health Goal or Concern

This represents any goals or outcomes relating to your personal identity, physical vibrancy, emotional wellness and intellectual acuity (or sharpness / capacity). List the one in particular that you are currently interested in improving in the next 90 days…

Your Biggest Family Goal or Concern

This represents any goals or outcomes relating to your closest relationships, children, pets and loved ones. List the one in particular that you are currently interested in improving in the next 90 days…

Your Biggest Career Goal or Concern

This represents any goals or outcomes relating to your skills, your professionalism, your ability to provide financial abundance and even your level of feeling satisfied in regards to your success. List the one in particular that you are currently interested in improving in the next 90 days…

Your Biggest Social Goal or Concern

This represents any goals or outcomes relating to the support in your life, your social impact, your reach and your ability to influence. List the one in particular that you are currently interested in improving in the next 90 days…

Your Biggest Faith Goal or Concern

This represents any goals or outcomes relating to your spiritual or religious fulfilment, your contribution to others and even your ability to trust your intuition. List the one in particular that you are currently interested in improving in the next 90 days…

Was there anything we missed?

Ok, great Was there anything we missed? Take a quick moment and ask yourself… did the 5 things you wrote above cover your #1 biggest and best goal for the next 30-90 days?

Now, depending on what you wrote above in the last 6 entries, you should know what your perfect goal or outcome is. Ask yourself, “What is the 30 day version of this?” What part of this goal can I chunk down to get realistically completed in the next 30 days?

Write that down on your notebook or paper also… in the form of… In 30 days from now, I will have (done something, received something, accomplished something or other) 

Was That Realistic For You?

For example, my 30 day goal was to get 1,000 people into this goal challenge group in the next 30 days. It’s realistic… however, if I said 100,000 people in the group, that would be BS and set me up for a failure. Technically, I could’ve made it just 100 people and been fine, but I’ve done this sort of thing before and know how to advertise on FaceBook and Google. Plus I have my “homework, enrollment videos, websites, FB group, Action guides and more… already created. That increases your likelihood of success with this particular thing. 

So, how far away are you from your goal? If you’re too far, dial it back. If you weigh 190 lbs and want to put on 20 pounds of muscle in 30 days… guess what, it’s not likely and it may stunt your 90 day and 180 day success. You may be better off going for 8 lbs of lean muscle… or 5. 

So, did you modify your goal based on those last examples of being realistic? If so, rewrite it on your sheet.

How much further could we go with this process together?

Well… quite far. At this point, I’d recommend that you hop into our free goals support training program and community. We’ve got daily exercises like this, amazing training videos and a fb group full of support. You can come get registered by clicking this link… looking for to working together.

Click here to get registered 100% Free!

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how to prepare your spirit for success
July 8th, 2019 by Corey Teramana

In this blog article we’ll focus on preparing your Spirit for lasting success, inner balance and harmonious events by meditating or praying for clarity on your final goal and for courage to follow through.

This article is written in the context of helping you prepare for accomplishing a major goal, challenge or outcome that you’d like!

If you aren’t sure what goal our outcome you’ll apply this to… that’s ok. In fact, it’s better because this process and prep period will completely clarify and hone the perfect one for you. Technically, you could create 1,000 goals that would be valuable, but one in particular will make the biggest difference in your life. So, eventually, you’ll get clarity on exactly what that one is. We ask for courage to follow through, but really courage to face the challenges that are sure to come during our process together. It’s the courage that will empower you to ask for help, answer the uncomfortable questions and stick to it over the long haul. The result? You will achieve your goal and feel great about it.

Quick Note:

We are going to create a dialogue between you and a power greater than just you alone. For some, it’s God, others it’s Jesus, others it’s source, others it’s nature, others its their higher power, others it’s a group or an ideal or a higher purpose or a higher calling. 

For our exercise, go with what comes natural to you and try and simplify this process down to the common denominator. An authentic and humble conversation between you and your higher power. Fair enough? Ok, cool.

If you’re struggling with this because of your spiritual or religious background… try focusing on a power greater than just you alone.

Our goal today is 2 fold, first to gain clarity on what your BEST 30 day goal is and second, to ask for the courage when you need it most.

Where The Heck Do We Start With This One?

I’d like to say first that this process can be very very simple. Even more importantly… my method is not the only way to accomplish this objective. 
Please customize it to fit your life, values and normal ways of doing this. 
This process can be a quick as you like or as long as you like. My tips for this process are as follows:

— Set somewhere quiet (eliminate distractions)

— Set your first intention to (Clarity on my 30 day goal) by writing it down

— Set your next intention to (Receiving Courage) by writing it down

— Set down, lay down or walk while you do this

— Meditate or pray for a set period of time (5-20 mins is great!)

If you get distracted with other thoughts or negative feelings, shift your attention on the fly. Go back to your original intention and keep going

What Question Should You Focus On Having Answered?

Action Item:

1.) Set your timer to a set period of minutes. (5-10 mins should be good)
2.) Set, lay or walk while you ask your higher power for this answer.


Be patient if it doesn’t come to you during this exercise. It may come in the middle of the night or in the morning.

Ok… great. So, if you enjoyed this blog article, join us in our FaceBook Group and let us support you for free in accomplishing your next big goal! Click the banner below to get registered.

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Three common goals people choose
July 7th, 2019 by Corey Teramana

Why are these top three goals actually bad to attempt?

We always start out creating goals from a place of clarity and articulation. Many people fail at goals (and actually get further away from their desired outcome) because their goals are to vague and nebulous.

To achieve a goal, it needs top be very specific and attainable. People often focus on something like, “Losing 20 lbs” instead of making the goal about the specific lifestyle choices that will ultimately close the gap faster, such as intermittent fasting for the next 30 days or removing all high fructose corn syrup and white bread pastas from their diet.

If they pursued the specific action items oppose to the vague, “Lose 30 lbs” goal, they’re not only hit it, but they’d know exactly what to do every day to inch closer to that lofty 30 lb goal!

Learn how to phrase the Top 3 Goals you really want like “Goals for Love” “Goals for Health” and “Goals for Money” and why so many people don’t hit the goals they’re after.

So, if you want to set goals for Money, Health and Love… use these tips to clearly articulate the main thing that will bring you closer to those big ones!

Register for our free Goals Training Course:

To get more free training:

How to properly word vague goals

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