June 17th, 2020 by Corey Teramana

Lots of Entrepreneurs are in your marketspace, but there is a way to leap ahead of the pack with 5 easy steps using the CoachRanking platform. Now is the time to do this, before everyone catches on…


Step 1: Create A Great CoachRanking Profile!

Here’s how… When you claim and set up your CoachRanking profile, make sure to add these critical elements.

  1. A professional photo that shows your company context
  2. Write a compelling sales letter biography that identifies why you’re different, what your ideal clients main problem is and how they can take steps with you to solve it
  3. Choose your three (3) most relevant category niches
  4. Add your three (3) story videos – Company story, Personal story and Testimonial story (This requires a Level 3 upgrade)


Step 2: Get Ranked In The Top 10

You know how important it is to rank on the top 3 pages of Google because it’s rare that someone looks past that when searching for a solution. CoachRanking is the same way. You want to be in the top 10 profiles when someone searches your niche, topic or keyword! 

The good news is that it’s easy to do right now if you follow these steps and act fast!

  1. Send your friends, family, social media fans, colleagues and past clients to upvote your CoachRanking profile.
  2. Ask them to give you a 5 star review, 3 personality badges and a positive comment that highlights the part of your business they love


Step 3: Get The Word Out About Your CoachRanking Profile

We have lots of tools for marketing ourselves and our brands, but in the same way that you use different strategies for your various social profiles… you’ll want to do the same with your CoachRanking profile. Create the buzz!

  1. Write a blog about your CoachRanking profile and experience
  2. Make social media posts on all your channels about how you’re going to give a cool free gift for anyone that goes and upvotes your profile
  3. Place a FaceBook (Traffic or Brand Awareness) ad that sends traffic directly to your profile link (Just $5 a day for a few days)
  4. Place a Sponsored Leaderboard ad on CoachRanking so you show up in one of the top 3 positions on your niche category of choice (Check for availability)


Step 4: Build Deeper Relationships With Your Profile Visitors

This is really easy to do, all you need to do is list your best trainings directly on your CoachRanking profile page.

  1. Create up to 5 videos on your Training Video Carousel that takes someone from point “A” to point “B” in their challenge or problem
  2. Or… post your best company content that could even include a Webinar Series, product launch series or anything else that educates or entertains the users on your CoachRanking profile


Step 5: Send Additional Traffic To Your Special Offers or Websites

With CoachRanking, you have the ability to send highly targeted, niche traffic (clicks) to your best lead magnets and optin offers

  1. Create a post in the Special Offers Page under your niche topic of choice. Put up to a 10 word headline and a link to your best lead magnet or optin offer. (Click for more details)


If you do all these vital steps to market your brand and grow your business with CoachRanking, you’ll become popular fast. Getting your profile to the tops of the CoachRanking leaderboards and search results pages is really important, so get started today by claiming your profile with this link

Once you claim your profile, you can start working through the 5 steps from above. Great luck to you and feel free to reach out to us about anything you need. We have lots of resources to help you grow your business and social media profiles. See you inside!

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