How to get unstuck in life
December 12th, 2019 by Corey Teramana


Feeling a bit stuck, bogged down or in a rut?

Are you at the point where you’re asking for help yet? Let’s hope so, but let’s keep reading this quick blog for a few choice thoughts on the matter.

Often times in life we can get stuck when we start to get comfortable with our situation through complacency. It’s likely, you’ve worked hard to get to where you’re at in life, but all too fast… we can start to slip. 

What’s the solution to getting out of a rut?

Get some support. (Oh, ok… that was easy)

But wait… there’s a few more questions to think about and a little more we wanted to say on the matter before you go to YouTube and end up watching cat videos….



  1. Would you like to change your life?
  2. Are you willing to “get uncomfortable” and look at something you may be doing to sabotage yourself?
  3. What would a larger version of your life, career or relationship look like?

Depending on those answers, you may find that your thoughts or vision may need some adjustments…


Ahh, yes… SOLUTIONS!

To overcome a limiting vision or belief, we need to start with a mini clarification process for our dreams, our vision and likely even our purpose.

After that, we can start laying the groundwork for a kickass action plan and some accountability to give us some discipline around making our goals happen.

Ugghhh, Discipline?

What’s that really mean? Well, it means to:

– Have a plan and follow it.
– Get rid of distractions and other people’s agendas.
– Change things up so you don’t get into a repetitive everyday grind.
– Continue to push the limits of what you believe you can achieve.
– Create high performance habits.
– Understand you’ll get discouraged and will be able to fall back on a plan and a supporter to make it through the next segment of your process.


The biggest thing to remember when getting out of a rut is that…

You can do it!

All you need to do is get into action and ask for support so you don’t attempt to do it alone.

Now for those of you looking to hit a specific goal, I’ll be glad to help you… It’s something I’ve been working on for the last 15 years.


The science of hitting a goal!

For this… I recommend going through the first free part of my Ultimate Goals Program. It’ll help you lay the foundation for clarifying your goal and to create the simplest action plan for successfully accomplishing your goal. Here’s the link to the free part of the training! Enjoy.

free ultimate goals training course from Corey Teramana

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