February 23rd, 2020 by Corey Teramana

NOPE 🙂 It’s 100% FREE to use!

CoachRanking can be used as a free resource for anyone to research, connect with and hire over 250 different kinds of Coaches, Consultants and service providers!

Sound awesome? Well, it gets even better!


As a potential customer or client that’s looking for a coach:

You can search all of the 50,000+ profiles for free (with or without creating your free level 1 user profile… but if you do, you can leave comments and rank your favorite people’s profiles!).

You can visit www.CoachRanking.com to start checking out all the different profiles. We recommend reaching out to those that are interesting and starting a conversation about how they can help you out. Ask lots of questions too.


As a way to get lots of free trainings…

You can check out the Special Offers Page by clicking this link. There free trainings in over 260 interesting topic categories where some will give you free trainings, videos and special offers or deals. You can use it to get to know them and learn about their style and methods before officially hiring them. Check it periodically because they are always being updates.


As a Coach, Consultant and Service Provider:

You can get started with your own CoachRanking profile to day (for free) by visiting www.CoachRanking.com and either (Creating your profile) or (Claiming your profile) so that people can start building up your business and contacting you for support.

Once you do that, there will be a way to update your picture, write your biography, add your best website link, add your best social media profile link and add three videos for (your Company Story, your Personal Story and your Testimonial Story). This way people can learn, at a glance, who you are, why you’ll be able to help them and an example of someone you’ve helped before!


Can you train people on your page?

Ohhh yea. Coaches profiles can display the training video carousel and list up to 5 choice YouTube videos on their profile! It’ll look like this:

CoachRanking training video carousel

And you may be saying, “Hey, I want people to message me and ask me questions and stuff.”

Ok, we’ve got you covered!

Coaches, Consultants and service providers… can upgrade their profiles to display the “Contact Me Directly” feature and get direct messages from people who visit their CoachRanking profile page. 

Coachranking contact me directly feature

You can find more info on all this by visiting your CoachRanking profile admin area now! 


How about advertising? Can a Coach get new clients and leads from CoachRanking?

Yes they can! There’s an option to become a category niche Sponsored profile on each of the 250 niches. You can learn more about that option by clicking here to see if there’s any availability in your niche of choice

Enjoy this video for a few extra tips on how to navigate CoachRanking.



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