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February 22nd, 2020 by Corey Teramana

The short answer?

To be better, to accomplish more, to shorten their learning curve, to save themselves time,  money and heartache… plus much more. 

Most people who invest in coaching have a deep desire to accomplish something personal to them.

And most “BELIEVERS” in Coaching know that one little shift or breakthrough could mean the world to them!


What are most people not taking into consideration when getting Coaching?

Most clients or customers of Coaches think that they need a different strategy or a tool that can help them get their desired results…. and many times they’re correct.

However, they’ve got to be prepared to make some big fundamental changes to the things that they’ve grown accustomed to over the last 10+ years of their life.

Plus, they’re going to have to do some very deep and confronting work. 

It would be great to snap our fingers or to pay someone some money to fix parts of our life, but it doesn’t work like that (At least not for me…YET). Again, this is nothing new and I’m sure you understand that!

You’d be surprised how many Coaching clients think they only need to take one or two actions to get the results they’re looking for. Good coaches understand this but they also know that people really want to go to the next level in their lives. They want to step up to a new level with an overall, multi-skilled level of success.


What’s the best way to get started with a Coach?

Start with something that’s glaringly “NOT OK WITH YOUR SITUATION in your life or business first.” Start with something that can be accomplished first… something small and measurable to build momentum.

Taking small steps to better our lives is a transition. Reaching a whole new level is a transformation. Most of us are dreaming for this overall transformation… and that’s ok.

This fundamental change doesn’t just bring physical results, it brings a brand new identity. Losing 15-20 lbs is a transition. Dedicating oneself to living and eating healthy the rest of one’s life is a transformation. Getting a girlfriend is a transition but finding the love of your life and having kids is a transformation.

So, with that said, if there’s something you’re looking to accomplish or level up in your life… YOU CAN DO IT.


What should I watch out for?

Don’t try and do it alone! Ask for help and let someone in to your life that can help. Even more, be ready for them to hold your feet to the fire for accountability, so that you can follow through on your action plan to grow.

Most great Coaches will tell you to make small consistent changes, and that’s great advice. Think of your growth and Coaching as a marathon that consists of many little sprints!

I hope this helps you answer the question of why people get Coaching and ultimately if now is the best time for you to get Coaching.

The answer is normally ALWAYS… yes it’s the right time even if it feels like it’s not.  

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