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October 31st, 2020 by Corey Teramana

Episode #10 – Coaching World News Show on powerful #relationshiptools #communicationtips and #datingtips to improve your relationships and increase your level of intimacy, trust and overall satisfaction in your relationships.

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0:00 Intro with Corey Teramana

0:29 @stephanspeaks on dating tools, a healthier mindset and on how to be effective with saving your time

4:22 @join1love by Katie Hood from her Tedx talk on what healthy love looks like and how to keep your independence with friends and important activities you had prior to your new relationship

7:38 @jordan.b.peterson on how to get what you want in a relationship by creating positive rewards when your mate does good things

11:42 @coachranking closing thoughts with Corey Teramana about going to everyone’s pages and social media profiles to say thank you if you got any good lessons or breakthroughs from their videos

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