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July 8th, 2019 by Corey Teramana

In the previous blog article titled, “How to create your best 30 day goal,”(opens in a new tab) we focused on creating the BEST 30 day goal possible for this time in your life. Now, in this blog article, we focus on making a very simple action plan that you would focus on from here on out.

Thinking about the huge goal can be overwhelming and actually put us behind schedule…

Thinking about a simple daily action step to take you closer that that big goal is funner and more productive.

This tends to be the most overlooked process of goal setters. The result? You avoid overwhelm and actually feel like your goal is attainable and possible throughout your 30 day period!

Quick Notes:

Focus on the little milestones that will make up your complete goal. This step makes our process fun, manageable and easier.

Getting Started With Your Goal Milestones!

We’ll be chunking down your goal into about 5, 10 action steps to focus on. So, from here on, we won’t talk about or even focus on your 30 day goal. We’ll become obsessed with the simpler 5-10 action step milestones. We’ll gamify it or turn it into a fun game… you’ll see. 

Ok, this part should be fun and bring you great relief if you’ve been stressing or wondering about HOW WE’RE GOING TO ACHIEVE THIS MONSTROUS 30 DAY GOAL. Let’s get started with the exercise below.


Start Here: Think about what it will really take to accomplish your goal. There should be simple things that you can do every day to move closer to completing the entire goal.

Pace yourself and make it easy on yourself. I’ll use the example of my goal which is to “To fill my goals class with 500 people”

If I have 20 days after my prep period (of 10 days), what can I do everyday to inch closer to it? I’ll do mine, then you can create yours below mine.


Pro Tip: these action steps / milestones may not be day specific. Meaning that if you have 20 days total… and “5” action steps, you’ll work on one milestone for about 4 days each. 


Right? Some shorter and some longer. Try and make them even if possible.

My Example of My Goal Milestones…

*** I have to say, mine is an advanced option and fairly complex goal. Probably a bad example, but it’s what I WANT MOST and can manage! And I’ve been doing this process for the past 10+ years with astounding success, so I can take it on and get it done. I could have used the example of gaining 5lbs of muscle or in going to yoga 6 days a week. Right? Your goal doesn’t need to be complex or too big. Remember, we’ll have additional time to expand out goal next month if we want to.


Milestone / Action step #1: Make sure my FB group is live with a link to my Registration page in the description and rules for the group members on conduct and spamming.


Milestone / Action step #2: Get my second 30 Day Goal group member by personally messaging and calling FB friends to the FB group registration page. Also invite friends, family members and acquaintances.


Milestone / Action step #3: Create my FB ads (5 variations) and link them to my FB Group Registration page. (Includes new photo for each, headline and CTA)


Milestone / Action step #4: Turn on my FB ads and go LIVE


Milestone / Action step #5: Create and launch organic marketing materials, MEMEs and videos to disseminate and post to all 7 of my Social Media Platforms


Milestone / Action step #6: Check my FB ads stats and modify them to get $1 per registration. 


Milestone / Action step #7:Ask everyone for help including (YOU) and the others already in this room to invite their friends while I also Invite the rest of my FB friends again (for the second time)


Milestone / Action step #8:  Increase my budget spend by 50% on my winning ads and cut the losing or (unpopular / non converting) FB ads


Milestone / Action step #9:  Create my Youtube Video Ads (2 variations) and link them to my Registration page. (Includes 2 previously shot videos, 2 headlines and 2 CTA’s)


Milestone / Action step #10: Ask for help again from the FB group to invite their friends. Ask my friends for a third time to join!


There it is… A big goal, 10 realistic action steps, an average of 2 days for each milestone and would yield an average of 25 new people per day. Now, because I do this full time and have the resources to support it, it’s considered a S.M.A.R.T. 30 Day Goal! Will I beat that goal? Likely. Can I quadruple it the following month? Likely. Is it realistic and attainable enough to build wins and momentum for everything else in my life? YES


Now it’s your turn (If you’re following along and actually setting your Action Plan now…!)

So, rewrite your final BEST 30 day goal again for clarity on your paper.

Now choose how many action steps are required to accomplish it and organize your actions below. (5? 10? It’s your call)


Make ten the MAXIMUM amounts of steps. If it requires more… downsize your goal because we don’t want this first one too overwhelming. 


We’ll build on these goals as the days, weeks and months go by. We’re looking for small wins first.


Make these as simple small and clear as possible

And if you’d like to come and do this process with us and let us support you… please do so. You can meet us and get registered at 


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