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October 31st, 2020 by Corey Teramana

Episode #4 – Our favorite Entrepreneurship and Branding Coaching Social Media Posts breakthroughs with host Corey Teramana.  Are you an Entrepreneur that’s looking to increase your branding so you could reach those clients that you’re attracting?

Watch this video with with #thesharkdaymond #marieforlio #davetalas #jasoncapitol #jasminestar #theresadepasquale #joelmarion #yahyabakkar #coachranking on this special review show.😎

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Again, we hope you loved this 4th episode of the Coaching World News Show and would love to know your thoughts and feedback.

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Instagram Branding More Important now than ever for businesses and entrepreneurs
October 14th, 2020 by Corey Teramana
paoulocq's profile picture
Are you looking to take grow your business and increase your visibility in a major way? 
Most entrepreneurs are! This post with paoulocq
may give you an inside look into what  a strong presence is and how to get one for yourself.
“I just got off the phone with one of my clients, and I was telling him…”

-Personal Branding is the story that keeps on telling your story to people even when you’re not in the room…

Positive… ✅

Or negative… ❌

It has a lasting impression in the MINDS of the people that matter MOST to your personal brand.

It’s been a crazy few weeks, hiring new people for my eCom Agency while at the same time…

Helping people Re-Brand their Instagram To Increase their…

✅ Personal Brands Status…

✅ Engagement with their Dream Audience

✅ And Building their Business!

*All without having to hire an expert photographer or spend years learning photoshop!

So… Most of my time, NOW is currently blocked off running my eCom Agency.

🚀 We Influence Deals 💰

That’s why this time around, I will only be inviting around 3-5 (max) clients to work alongside with my team and me on a 1 on 1 Basis.

To do what exactly?

To directly impact your personal brand in a positive way that will get the ATTENTION of your dream audience.

More importantly, to elevate your personal brands status so you can strike those deals, opportunities, and connections.

However, it’s not too late, and you can still receive your FREE IG AUDIT.

Where my team and I will personally take a look at your Instagram and give you transformational feedback!

Comment below ”BRAND”👇 👇 if you want me and my team to give you a FREE IG Audit personally.

This way, you can start building the legacy of your personal brand!

P.s- It’s 2020; NOW more than ever, networking is so important!

And guess what?

I’m not sure if you’ve tried networking with your mask 😷 on, but!…..it’s not the same.

That’s why having a personal brand is not an option in 2020 anymore. It’s a MUST!


Comment below ”BRAND”👇 👇 to receive your FREE IG AUDIT and feel free to message him on Instagram to check out his page at https://www.instagram.com/paoulocq/

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