Discovering Your BIG Why for setting and achieving your goal!

How to successfully choose your goal

We’ve experienced the most amount of goals success with this simple goal preparation method. We set up goals for clients with a 10 day preparation period before attacking their desired outcome. Day #1 is all about “YOUR BIG WHY.” As in why the “HECK” are we doing this?

Knowing this and having clarity on “Your BIG Why” will carry you through all the challenges you’ll encounter on your goal journey.

Focus on one thing today and discover your authentic why. We’re going to set up this training in a very specific way so you can hyper focus on one thing per day. Do your best to stay current and keep up with our flow.

As it relates to your goal or biggest need, what is currently “at stake” for you in your life, business or relationship? Meaning, why is it MISSION CRITICAL that you succeed at this goal?

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