What are CoachRanking’s Personality Badges For

The simple answer is… COMMUNICATION

But there is a little bit more to it!

As we approach 2021, we’re noticing that the Coaching, Consulting and Service Provider industries are getting more attention than ever before.

Millions of potential Clients have problems and thousands of professionals stand ready to help them…

But, how do they choose the right person or company to hire?

[ Stage Left – Comes CoachRanking with 50k+ profiles ]


Research indicates that unhappy Coaching / Client experiences came from two major areas. 

  1. False advertising
  2. Personality conflicts

While we can’t help with the first, other than saying… Under promise and over deliver…

We can help with the second. 

CoachRanking profiles allow people, friends, fans and even family members of Coaches to upvote their profiles, giving them 1-5 stars, positive comments if they deserve them and up to 3 personality badges.

Let’s get into exactly what those personality badges are and how they can help you find the right client, customer or almond butter to your jelly. (What? peanut butter is soo 2018) 


Let’s go through the Personality Badges one at a time!

A Positive Communicator – people want to know how good of a communicator is. The service provider industry is based around communication and performance.

Coachranking badge positive communicator

A True Specialist – With the ease of entry into any of the 250 different category niches on CoachRanking, it’s nice to know that someone has honed in on a specific niche and become a true specialist in their craft.

Coachranking badge A True Specialist

An Intuitive Thinker – A strong characteristic in someone helping you solve your problems. It’s a huge plus for a professional to be in touch with their intuition just as much as their logic.

CoachRanking badge An Intuitive Thinker

A Great Friend – An added element that truly helps you know about someone’s character. Every single Level 2 or above Coach profile gets the ability to send their family members, old friends, work colleagues, social media fans as well as past clients to upvote and comment on their profiles. This badge gives a potential client a much more rewarding search experience when they’re looking for someone to confide in and eventually hire. 

CoachRanking badge A Great Friend

Has Great Vision – This badge gives a well rounded look at someone’s ability to see trends, adapt with the times, plan for the future and set their course of action appropriately. A professional with great vision can help with planning and preventative foresight.

Coachranking badge Has Great Vision

Is Very Smart – Logic left-brain intelligence! What can you say, someone who’s smart can really be useful. This badge gives credit to someone who is smart as a whip and willing to apply it to your circumstance.

Coachranking badge Is Very Smart

Is A Creative Problem Solver – So useful and necessary in this modern age of technology, updates, html, software and options. Anyone in business or just trying to reset the clock on thier microwave knows, life is full of challenges that need a creative problem solver. 

CoachRanking badge Is A Creative Problem Solver

Is Effective With Time – Someone that respects time and who follows a good schedule is the type of person you can count on. Punctual, effective and on point are just a few words that go along with the individual who carries these badges.

CoachRanking badge Is Effective With Time

In addition to these Personality Badges, people are able to give a 1-5 star relevancy ranking and a positive comment to someone’s CoachRanking profile!

These features really add depth to the relationship that can take place on someone’s first profile visit. This combination of information will help any potential clients or colleagues get to know the Coach’s (Consultant’s or service providers) that they’re researching and considering hiring.


Hopefully, you find everything you’re looking for and more when visiting CoachRanking. If you would like to read the CoachRanking User Guide for Coaches, Consultants and Service Providers you can do so my clicking this link.  

June 18th, 2020 by