How to try out a Coach before hiring them?

How to try out a coach first

Great thinking…!

Let’s do that, but how?

Well, good news, there are quite a few ways to try out a Coach before entering into that scary, yet highly beneficial relationship. You’ll definitely want to make sure you’re a good fit first.

Many Coaches, Consultants and service providers will give you a free sample, training or strategy session so you can get to know them and their style. This is always a good first step.


Where do I find these free trainings?

  1. Their email list
  2. Their BLOG
  3. Their Podcast
  4. Their Social Media Profiles (including TikTok)
  5. Their low end product or course
  6. Their free (or paid) strategy session (also called a discovery session, a consultation or a strateg-ery session)


How do I know what I’m actually looking for? 

I personally look at their personality, their style and their overall disposition to what they do. Are they militant? causal? friendly? confident? boastful? 

We are all attracted to the people or qualities that we want for ourselves so a great way to figure this out is to…

Ask yourself,

1.) “What type of personality do I like to learn from and what type of teacher am I more likely to trust and tell the truth to?”

2.) Next, go search for a specific Coach that you’ve heard about or just type the Niche / category of Coach needed.

3.) Go to various Coaches profiles and click their links to sample their FREE content. See what other people say about their style strengths.

4.) Plus you can visit the Special Offers Page to try out more FREE content or have us match you to one of our pre-screened and qualified Coaches / service providers by taking this quick quiz.


I hope these helped you get some clarity on how to test out a Coach, Consultant or service provider before hiring them. Just stay in action around this and put in the effort now so you can enjoy the benefits later!

February 23rd, 2020 by