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keep focused on your business
July 26th, 2020 by Corey Teramana

Feel like giving up on your business, taking some time off or going in a different direction? Before you do that… consider that you’re right at the turning point, at the precipice or the “event horizon.”

Things may seem stagnant or labored at this moment, but often these times lead to the biggest breakthroughs. So, if you’re here:

1. Run your business by a mentor to ensure you’re headed in the right direction and that your action plan is right.

2. Take half a day off and clear your mind.

3. Get back in touch with your reason for starting in the first place

4. Start with one little action step in the right direction and start building your momentum back up.

5. Get some support from a Coach, a Consultant, or a Mentor to bring you accountability and help motivate you to stay in action.

6. Find your workflow and trust the process of breaking through your barriers!

You can push through the resistance, both internal or external.

You can realize that the world has a natural rhythm and that you likely are trying to force something a little too quick. Take time out of the equation and get rid of your expectations. Summed up… Get support and give your best. You’ll do great!

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What does success mean to you
July 4th, 2020 by Corey Teramana

As we wrap up the week for the 4th of July week we’re pondering what things were successful from the week and previous month.

Most people define success a something unique to them and you’ll find many different definitions if you ask.

So, what does success look like to you?

There’s many areas of life to look at and measure success in. Do you measure your growth? Do you measure where you once were and where you are now?

Hopefully so!

There’s an old adage that always inspires me. It goes, “What we measure, we can grow.” 

What an empowering phrase and hopefully it turns a light on and inspires some courage in you to start documenting your journey of growth.

In your life, your business, your relationships, your health and even in your quality of life.

I l=know it can be a bit uncomfortable to face the possibility of “not growing” and “not progressing” but we can ease that when we strive for progress instead of perfection.

Each of us are on our own journey an the pathway and results are suppose to vary!

If you got value from this, please share it with someone that would benefit from a little more examination (in a positive way)

In closing, and I believe that it was Henry David Thoreau that said, “The unexamined life may not be worth living, but there is more to life, and there are more interesting things to examine, than one’s own identity.”

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How to get unstuck in life
December 12th, 2019 by Corey Teramana


Feeling a bit stuck, bogged down or in a rut?

Are you at the point where you’re asking for help yet? Let’s hope so, but let’s keep reading this quick blog for a few choice thoughts on the matter.

Often times in life we can get stuck when we start to get comfortable with our situation through complacency. It’s likely, you’ve worked hard to get to where you’re at in life, but all too fast… we can start to slip. 

What’s the solution to getting out of a rut?

Get some support. (Oh, ok… that was easy)

But wait… there’s a few more questions to think about and a little more we wanted to say on the matter before you go to YouTube and end up watching cat videos….



  1. Would you like to change your life?
  2. Are you willing to “get uncomfortable” and look at something you may be doing to sabotage yourself?
  3. What would a larger version of your life, career or relationship look like?

Depending on those answers, you may find that your thoughts or vision may need some adjustments…


Ahh, yes… SOLUTIONS!

To overcome a limiting vision or belief, we need to start with a mini clarification process for our dreams, our vision and likely even our purpose.

After that, we can start laying the groundwork for a kickass action plan and some accountability to give us some discipline around making our goals happen.

Ugghhh, Discipline?

What’s that really mean? Well, it means to:

– Have a plan and follow it.
– Get rid of distractions and other people’s agendas.
– Change things up so you don’t get into a repetitive everyday grind.
– Continue to push the limits of what you believe you can achieve.
– Create high performance habits.
– Understand you’ll get discouraged and will be able to fall back on a plan and a supporter to make it through the next segment of your process.


The biggest thing to remember when getting out of a rut is that…

You can do it!

All you need to do is get into action and ask for support so you don’t attempt to do it alone.

Now for those of you looking to hit a specific goal, I’ll be glad to help you… It’s something I’ve been working on for the last 15 years.


The science of hitting a goal!

For this… I recommend going through the first free part of my Ultimate Goals Program. It’ll help you lay the foundation for clarifying your goal and to create the simplest action plan for successfully accomplishing your goal. Here’s the link to the free part of the training! Enjoy.

free ultimate goals training course from Corey Teramana

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How to prepare your environment for success
July 8th, 2019 by Corey Teramana

Today’s blog will focus on decluttering your environment and removing triggers that will sabotage your best efforts to change. We’ll go through and determine all the things that will slow your progress, sabotage your efforts and derail your success.

Your environment will encompass your home, your living quarters, your office, your car, your bathroom, your yard and any other area that you visually see, physically touch and audibly hear. Quick story about the first time my mentor helped me clarify my mind, focus my day, calm my stress and remove the triggers in my environment. The result? I felt 1000% better and thought more clearly throughout the day which made me way more effective and organized.

We can break up this article into two parts such as removing clutter from our environment and removing triggers. Our goal is to create a positive and clean environment for you to be in. Today is all about removing a handful of things from your home, office, and vehicle that negatively affect your mind, your state of being and your emotions

Removing Clutter (The Easy Way…)

Clutter distracts our minds and confuses us. At times, we think having a desk with 50 pictures, trinkets and souvenirs on it makes us strong, but it doesn’t.

Our mind is delicate and visual stimuli puts us at a disadvantage. Today, we
clean this up and set up our space for winning, not remembering old things!
On a 1-10 scale, 10 being super cluttered… How cluttered is your environment?

Action Item:

Get rid of all trash, clutter, extra stuff laying around. Some of it will go in the trash, some will go to the recycler and other stuff will just get organized and put away.

Action Item:

Create at least one clean surface (table, shelf or desk) with nothing on it so that you can attract in YOUR GOAL! It’s a dedication act to the universe, saying, “Yes, I am ready for something new.”

Removing Triggers

Many times that we keep around and visible create triggers that lead to bad
memories, stinking thinking, regret, guilt, sadness, anger, negativity, resent
and even sorrow. These can innocently include pictures of relatives, deceased people, our past girlfriends necklace as a gift, broken toy someone gave us that we didn’t fix yet and many more similar things. We want to disarm your environment from these triggers. The success of our goal depends on this!

Walk through your house, vehicle or office and count those things that elicit a sad, negatively emotional response, guilt, fear, anger, regret, shame or similar feelings.

Count how many individual items trigger a negative emotion or blah feeling
in you when you looked at them. Remember, clutter can even be a broken
fan that you’re always hearing in the background that’s causing you secret

What’s Next?

Ready for this part? Get rid of them all. Lol. I already know this can
be hard and you may have paid good money for some of that stuff. So, give
those things away or get them OUT OF YOUR FIELD OF VIEW. If you’re
anything like me… you may say, “Oh, all these things? I’ll get rid of them
tomorrow or I’ll put them for sale and wait for my price…” Right?

Fight this temptation. Gather them all up and put them out in the garage or
in the trash. If they’re staying in the home, put them in a box and close that
box so you do not see those things. This is sooo important because we don’t
want to be in day 25 and have you getting sabotaged from something that
you could’ve gotten rid of two weeks ago.

Lastly, treat yourself to a clean space. Hire a cleaner to come and scrub your
floors and dust. Do something to enjoy the zen-like feel of your new space.
Celebrate it and resist the temptation to put a whole bunch of shit
everywhere again…! Set yourself up to win!

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