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Life Coaching tools and lessons
October 31st, 2020 by Corey Teramana

Episode #7 – Coaching World News Show on powerful #lifecoachinglessons with #KanyeWest #MarieForleo and #JoeRogan.

If you’re looking to improve your life, reprogram your mind, overcome limiting beliefs, find more happiness and even show up and speak your mind with full authenticity… you’ll love this show!

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#marieforleoquotes… #bobrosspainting… #kanyewestinterview…

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Episode 1 Coaching World News Show Life Coaching Self Help and Personal Development Tips
October 20th, 2020 by Corey Teramana

Episode #1 – Our favorite Life Coaching, Self Help and Personal Development social media posts and lessons with host Corey Teramana.


If you love life coaching lessons and breakthroughs, you’ll want to watch this live “Best Of Life Coaching Post“ review show.😎 Our most useful social media personal development self-help education posts.
⏱️ Timestamps: ⏱️
0:00 Intro with Corey
0:43 Divine Energetic Balance – Healing and leading with integrated feminine and masculine from @taylorthelifecoach on IG
5:20 How to raise your vibration – boosting your energy levels to increase your positive vibrations from @coachkylee on IG
9:29 Fixing your thinking to fix your problems with @coachingwithjacqlin on IG
11:44 Radiating the frequency of abundance with @thatthankfulgirl on IG 13:18 There’s No Wrong Way with @coachingwithjacqlin on IG
15:15 If you’re always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be – Maya Angelou by @coachingwithlp in IG
15:49 Sometimes when you’re in a dark place you think you’ve been buried, but you’ve actually been planted – Christine Caine by @wearesoulsparks 17:13 Ask for what you want and be prepared to get it – Maya Angelou by @wearesoulsparks
18:49 Closing thoughts with Corey
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How can I run my own business and teach marketing
October 15th, 2020 by Corey Teramana
sarahmaeives's profile picture
Sometimes, even the people who look like they have it together, don’t.
While my life looks great on the surface:

-I recently got an office because working at home started driving me nuts.

-I’ve had to help my 10-year old son focus more in school because we get notes from the teacher that he’s using school as a social bonanza as opposed to a learning opportunity.

-I don’t always get along with my partner, who sees things quite differently than me at times ( let’s just say: it’s not easy to be with an entrepreneur) 😬

Recently someone asked me:

“How can I run my own business and teach marketing, if I barely know what to do in my own life?”


No one in the history of the world, has ever had it all together.

We’re all learning as we go.

Flying by the seat of our pants (especially entrepreneurs!).

And that’s OK.

Just because your life isn’t perfect, doesn’t mean you can’t dream and take action towards a life that’s a little closer to how you really imagine it to be.

(And it definitely doesn’t mean you can’t give marketing advice if you’re well-educated in what works!).

Here’s to my imperfection, and yours…
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How to get in the flow state
June 26th, 2020 by Corey Teramana

Ever wondered how to force a State of Flow so that we’re more effective and relaxed?

What if we could create better results without having to try harder?

I say it’s 100% possible if we can do two simple things.

     1.) Become aware that we’re out of our flow state and

     2.) Do a simple process to relax our minds.

But what the heck is a State of Flow and how do we force it?

I like to describe the feeling of Flow as a something that feels timeless, natural or larger than just us.

Everyone’s experienced a State of Flow at some point in their lives… most of the time they describe it as something that just happens when they’re busy doing something they enjoy or when all the elements of a situation are happening perfectly. Flow is often described as a moment when we are observing ourselves and can be useful for doing extraordinary things.

Flow brings a feeling of effortlessness.

I was running the other day and experienced this feeling around mile 2.

It was amazing and I enjoyed it so much that I almost lost the feeling of flow because I started thinking about it. 🙂

How about getting into that State of Flow when we’re definitely not there. For instance, how do we get into the flow when we’re stressed, overly excited, anxious or just trying to get something done and accomplished?

When I follow this simple three step process, I am able to FORCE a Flow State and you can too. If you’re interested in doing things from a more connected and more enjoyable place, this little method should help.

Since most of the time I tend to live life on autopilot, the first thing I need to do is become aware of what I’m doing and what thoughts are running through my head (if any).

The second thing I need to do is get my body and mind into the same rhythm. This part that can takes a bit of preparation and practice but is definitely not rocket science.

The simplest way I know how to achieve Flow is through breath.

You’ve likely gone through a quick meditation process before to get centered or to access your creativity, right?

And I know that a good meditation can take anywhere from 2 to 15 mins to do. (Yikes… if you’re in a rush.)

However, this little tool works well over 90% of the time for me and it’s called the simple “16 Count Box Breath.”

It helps me put my body and mind into neutral so I can make a shift into a specific gear. This exercise naturally facilitates the feeling or the state of flow.

Try this box breath and let me know if it works for you!

     Start by taking a 4 second inhale…

     Then by holding your breath for 4 more seconds…

     Then make a 4 second exhale and…

     Then follow it with 4 more seconds of having no air in your lungs.

You can always do this a few times to really get into the mood… and then you can choose a more favorable context, attitude or atmosphere to shift into.

If you can viscerally feel the results of this box breath as an overwhelming relaxation or calmness, flow will follow…

The overall takeaway from this article is that we can make large shifts to the way we feel and how well we perform by taking simple little meditative actions.

If done right and often enough, you’ll find yourself in a State of Flow more often. You may notice the other states of fear, anxiousness and stress, start to lessen from your life.

I hope this helps you out and I hope you use it throughout the day to “force” the feeling of flow, as ironic and counterintuitive as it sounds.

I always like to remind myself that, “A relaxed and centered mind is a highly effective and creative productive mind!”

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How to get unstuck in life
December 12th, 2019 by Corey Teramana


Feeling a bit stuck, bogged down or in a rut?

Are you at the point where you’re asking for help yet? Let’s hope so, but let’s keep reading this quick blog for a few choice thoughts on the matter.

Often times in life we can get stuck when we start to get comfortable with our situation through complacency. It’s likely, you’ve worked hard to get to where you’re at in life, but all too fast… we can start to slip. 

What’s the solution to getting out of a rut?

Get some support. (Oh, ok… that was easy)

But wait… there’s a few more questions to think about and a little more we wanted to say on the matter before you go to YouTube and end up watching cat videos….



  1. Would you like to change your life?
  2. Are you willing to “get uncomfortable” and look at something you may be doing to sabotage yourself?
  3. What would a larger version of your life, career or relationship look like?

Depending on those answers, you may find that your thoughts or vision may need some adjustments…


Ahh, yes… SOLUTIONS!

To overcome a limiting vision or belief, we need to start with a mini clarification process for our dreams, our vision and likely even our purpose.

After that, we can start laying the groundwork for a kickass action plan and some accountability to give us some discipline around making our goals happen.

Ugghhh, Discipline?

What’s that really mean? Well, it means to:

– Have a plan and follow it.
– Get rid of distractions and other people’s agendas.
– Change things up so you don’t get into a repetitive everyday grind.
– Continue to push the limits of what you believe you can achieve.
– Create high performance habits.
– Understand you’ll get discouraged and will be able to fall back on a plan and a supporter to make it through the next segment of your process.


The biggest thing to remember when getting out of a rut is that…

You can do it!

All you need to do is get into action and ask for support so you don’t attempt to do it alone.

Now for those of you looking to hit a specific goal, I’ll be glad to help you… It’s something I’ve been working on for the last 15 years.


The science of hitting a goal!

For this… I recommend going through the first free part of my Ultimate Goals Program. It’ll help you lay the foundation for clarifying your goal and to create the simplest action plan for successfully accomplishing your goal. Here’s the link to the free part of the training! Enjoy.

free ultimate goals training course from Corey Teramana

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how to create a positive affirmation
July 8th, 2019 by Corey Teramana

Ok, let’s get started looking at what positive affirmations look like. As a note,
most negative or disempowering beliefs and thoughts that lead to
undesirable actions tend to come from early childhood imprinting and cause a person to feel unworthy, not good enough, bad or some equivalent thereof.

These are examples of Healthy Positive Affirmations I’ve used to retrain my brain and subconscious mind:

1. I am very _ authentic and wealthy
2. I am a _ relaxed committed consistent and professional
3. I know I can _ help people make more money doing what they love
4. I always _ own my power and context in the moment
5. I feel _ grateful for my health, talents, friends and family
6. I _ love and accept myself
7. I am _ open to support and miracles from everywhere
8. I am a _ trusted advisor and friend
9. Every day I _ live free, love strong and laugh hard
10. I am naturally _ graceful, confident and accountable

If someone held these as undisputed beliefs in their mind… and their thoughts were in alignment with these… amazing things would unfold in
their life as a natural occurrence.

They would likely be very successful, happy in their relationships and
financially abundant. They would have rewarding relationships based on
authentic communication and love. They’d also likely have everything in life that they desired.

So, if you could create those things in your life that you want most… what
beliefs and thoughts do you think would help propel you into that reality?

For BEST Results…

I highly recommend writing each of these affirmations on a separate note card so you can flip through them and recite them multiple times throughout the day.


I would create (draw) a picture of each on the back of the note cards
too! Our mind responds differently to pictures. We are visual creatures… and need a mixture of visual, audio (hence, we verbally speak them), and
kinesthetic (touch of a physical note card).

Alright… fantastic!

I would challenge you to make (or find) an artistic representation of your 10
affirmations in a picture or at a minimum, artistically write your 10
affirmations on a few nice pieces of paper (possibly frame them) and place
one in your vehicle, bedroom bathroom, office or other conspicuous location.


The more often you can read these, repeat them or even think of them
throughout the day… THE BETTER!

It took you your whole life to form your current thought process,
belief system and frame of reference for your world. It may take you a
minimum of 90 days to effectively start shifting your default beliefs, thoughts and actions.

Be easy and patient on yourself!

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How to prepare your mind for success
July 8th, 2019 by Corey Teramana

In today’s blog, we focus on how to prepare our minds for success by creating a VERY POWERFUL AND POSITIVE INNER DIALOGUE.

The work we do today will make you feel good and boost your confidence and self-esteem. The result? You will achieve your goal in a very natural and replicable way.

We are going to create healthy thoughts that will support you for years to come. It will require some thinking, planning and action.

Our goal is to create a positive mindset that builds us up instead of tears us down. Today is all about becoming our own best friend and creating the ultimate inner dialogue.

Quick Notes: Focus on those things that make you feel good and boost your
confidence and self-esteem.

We are going to create healthy thoughts that will support you for years to
come. It will require some thinking, planning and action.

Our goal is to create a positive mindset that builds us up instead of tears us
down. Today is all about becoming our own best friend and creating the
ultimate inner dialogue

How Can We Create Positive Reinforcements With Affirmations That Work For Accomplishing Our Goal?

Affirmations are positive declarative Statements written, repeated and spoken in such a way that your deep mind can absorb them, use them,
believe them and integrate them into your personality and belief system.

As your deeper mind or subconscious mind accepts these affirmative
statements, they will form into new beliefs embedded deep within the neural network of your brain.

In your case, we’re going to use positive affirmations to help you create a goal that you’ve here to accomplish.

So, think about the events and goals that you would like to see in your
future… How do they look? How would you describe them? (These don’t
necessarily need to be your #1 Big Goal that you’re going to accomplish in
this 30-90 day process) 

The effectiveness of your reprogramming process will hinge on your ability to direct and guide your internal self-talk. This self-talk (along with our
subconscious beliefs, which we’ll address on day 9 and day 10) will govern
most of your daily life and daily actions. If you focus on creating an intentional self-talking dialogue and complete this exercise, they can become your predominant thoughts, personal character and internal values system.

Experts have said that, “Up to 95% of our day is a similar repetition to our
previous days actions and thoughts.” WOW, right?

So if you create a powerful inner voice or dialogue, your future may mirror
those thoughts and actions of today. This would give rise to more desirable
outcomes and thoughts in your life, business and relationships.

An important note: Your negative (disempowering) inner dialogue, thoughts
and outdated beliefs are like big trees with many roots that interweave with
other trees and roots (other beliefs and experiences). Our goal is to stop
watering those trees that no longer serve us so we can starve out those
undesirable trees and roots by not reinforcing them (sending them attention or energy). They will wither away and reduce in size and capacity.
Meaning that the new beliefs you’re going to create will need lots of
attention, focus and energy from you on a daily basis so that they grow,
flourish and groove into permanent pathways.

Once your new thoughts and beliefs become your minds preferred pathways (because of their acceptability and consistent reinforcement), they will continue to grow and connect you to what you want most.

NOTE: This process will take dedicated work and focused actions, thoughts
and planning. Please don’t underestimate the challenge of this endeavor OR
the benefits once you string together 30-90 days of focused work!

Hopefully you loved this article and want to learn more about this goal setting and train your brain process we teach. If so, get registered on our website at Your30DayGoal and we’ll invite you to our FaceBook group too!

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July 8th, 2019 by Corey Teramana

Today’s blog is all about preparing our body for success. Our tool, our temple, our vessel, our transmitting utility for animating our spirit deserves not only our respect, but our personal care and attention to keep it operating smoothly.

Imagine a Tesla vehicle factory or a high performing manufacturing facility. Before they began production, they designed the building, thought about all the parts of the assembly line, planned for efficiency and then carried out construction.

This blog will help you focus on your body. To get the blood and oxygen flowing so we have better digestion, hydration and cleaner energy.

We are going to break up this article into four simple parts. It will require some thinking, planning and action. Our goal is to start a discipline that will carry you through the next 30-90 days and give you a more consistent supply of energy, oxygen and water. Today isn’t about making tons of changes or killing yourself at the gym. It’s about creating space and vitality within your body to operate better.


You could start by adding one thing to your diet and subtract one thing from your diet. All we’re looking to do is put some LIVE food in you and reduce inflammation within your cells. Simple enough?

Things people add to their diet to improve digestion and give us more clean
energy include: a salad, a protein shake, almond milk, ghee, vegetables,
carrots, cucumbers, broccoli, spinach, water, CBD

Ask yourself this question:

What one thing can you add to your diet to facilitate better digestion,
cleaner energy and better health?


Things people remove from their diet: High fructose corn syrup, sugar, fried
foods, white bread, white pasta, soda, alcohol, red meat, boxed cereals,
microwavable frozen meals, milk.

Ask yourself this question:

What one thing can you subtract from your diet to facilitate better
digestion, cleaner energy and better health?


You can drink up to 40 extra ounces of water. Any increase of water to our system helps reduce inflammation, hunger pains, stress and constipation.
Adding water increases brain function, patience, digestion and nutrient


You can implement some light exercise into your day so that you feel happier, you create more serotonin, your energy lifts, your skin looks
healthier, your labido increases, your memory increases from the intake and more efficient delivery of blood and oxygen to your brain, and your sleep is deeper.

Things people do to exercise are: yoga, dancing, martial arts, sports,
basketball game, hiking, stretching, walking, jogging, a group class, a
YouTube video on exercise, a work out at the gym. Just do something to
limber up and get the blood flowing.

What is one exercise you can do today?


you can focus on breathing deeply for a few minutes. You’ll oxygenate your blood, lift your mood and increase your lung capacity. A great practice is called the box breath. You can breathe in deeply through your nose for 6 seconds. Then hold your breath for 6 seconds. Then exhale through your nose for 6 seconds. Then finally relax with no air in your lungs for 6 seconds. This total breath takes 24 seconds.
Feel free to do it for 2-5 minutes!

Lastly, treat yourself well with a warm bath, a longer shower, a sauna, a little sun on the skin, a massage or a chiropractic adjustment. Be easy on you!!!

What’s Next?

If you haven’t yet, go and watch the extra video training exercises and make a then you can come make a post in the Goals support Facebook Group about any wins or struggles associated with this article. That link to the group is here.

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