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October 31st, 2020 by Corey Teramana

Episode #8 – Coaching World News Show on #entrepreneurshiplessons with #charlidamelio #billygeneismarketing #russellbrunson and #kelsyogi.

If you’re interested in starting a business or in scaling your existing one… you’ll love this episode! Honorary mentions to #beberexha & #bestfriendsanimalsociety

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Again, we hope you loved this 8th episode of the Coaching World News Show and would love to know your thoughts and feedback.

Are you an influencer or coach that would like to be featured on one of our next episodes, shout out your links (with valuable contribution) in the comments and make sure to send us a private message with your information too!

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keep focused on your business
July 26th, 2020 by Corey Teramana

Feel like giving up on your business, taking some time off or going in a different direction? Before you do that… consider that you’re right at the turning point, at the precipice or the “event horizon.”

Things may seem stagnant or labored at this moment, but often these times lead to the biggest breakthroughs. So, if you’re here:

1. Run your business by a mentor to ensure you’re headed in the right direction and that your action plan is right.

2. Take half a day off and clear your mind.

3. Get back in touch with your reason for starting in the first place

4. Start with one little action step in the right direction and start building your momentum back up.

5. Get some support from a Coach, a Consultant, or a Mentor to bring you accountability and help motivate you to stay in action.

6. Find your workflow and trust the process of breaking through your barriers!

You can push through the resistance, both internal or external.

You can realize that the world has a natural rhythm and that you likely are trying to force something a little too quick. Take time out of the equation and get rid of your expectations. Summed up… Get support and give your best. You’ll do great!

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June 18th, 2020 by Corey Teramana
You only have 7 seconds to capture someone's attention at the beginning of a video and possibly even less than that on something text based, Says the experts. Click To Tweet

Imagine someone’s scrolling through your category niche and they click your page’s “Learn More” button.

What are they thinking?

What are they looking for?

What do they really need help with?

Would a well written biography enroll someone into asking you for support?


The goal is to have a strong biography that builds a relationships with someone from the first line and has them looking for the CTA by the end. Below is a great outline to follow for writing your CoachRanking bio.

Go right for the heart of the matter. What do you need to say to capture their attention? What matter could you speak to first? Well, there’s two schools of thought when it comes to writing biographies.

     The First – Make it like a sales letter.

Have an intro question that goes into the problem. Have them say yes to your identifying question and then edify your positioning in the matter. Next, back it with a little social proof in your abilities and then dive into the pain points a few seconds more before slamming down your call-to-action (CTA). Right? It’s a pretty solid format and lots of professionals use it.

     The Second – Do it like the super GURU’s and Instagram Influencers do…

Short, clever and leaving them wanting eagerly more. It is true that you can sum up who you are, what you do and how you can serve people in just a few words or context laying sentences.


So… What will you do?

When it comes to writing a great CoachRanking profile bio, there’s a few things you’ll want to keep in mind:

  1. Who are you looking to connect with and why?
  2. What is the solution they are looking for and what is the problem?
  3. What is your desired end result of your profile CTA and what is the first step towards that end result? 


When it comes to having a great CoachRanking profile page, there’s a few other things to keep in mind:

  1. How much time can you get someone to spend on your profile?
  2. What else besides having a well written bio, a gorgeous professional photo, the right three niches chosen for you business, your best social media profile link, your best website link, a well filmed Company video, an authentic Personal video, a great Testimonial video, lots of personality badges and positive comments from all your friends, fans, clients and colleagues, and up to 5 educational and entertaining videos in your Training Video Carousel?

That’s a great start. Give someone a complete experience while their on your profile page. Let them in and let them see what you’re all about!

If you haven’t already, go and claim your CoachRanking profile with this link and take the time to make it grab someone and convey how much you care about supporting them through this next level of their lives or businesses.


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Online brand reputation management simplified
June 14th, 2020 by Corey Teramana

Did you know that 88% of all consumers research online before they purchase?


Managing the reputation of your business online is becoming an absolute necessity.

It’s becoming one of the most important strategies business owners are implementing to ensure their ongoing stability and growth. Yet why are so many new Coaches and Entrepreneurs are still overlooking this trend affecting their businesses.


How can this hurt you?

If a potential client goes online and reads something they don’t like… your chances of getting them as a new client just went out the window. The same goes for if they search you and nothing comes up. 

CoachRanking helps you with this!

If you research companies that specialize in brand reputation management, you’ll see that they’re charging thousands of dollars just to remove negative online reviews and comments. And even after you hire these companies, you still can’t even control what gets posted about you and your company.


How CoachRanking has changed the game in your favor

CoachRanking has solved this problem by allowing Coaches, Consultants and service providers to fill their public profiles with positive comments from friends, family members, SM fans and past clients. These positive comments will spill over into the vast internets world wide web search engines with the latest SEO tools at work for you so others can stumble upon the best comments about your company and your services. 

Most importantly, Level 3-6 CoachRanking profiles get to delete any negative or spam comments from right there in their profile admin panel so at no time are you out of control of your businesses online reputation. 

The CoachRanking goal for you is to help your profile get tons of search and organic traffic so you rank in Google and Youtube search ranking algorithm.

A secondary goal is to move your positive CoachRanking reviews into first position on the search engines so your other less favorable reviews will get buried in the results. Most consumers don’t go past the first few pages on Google to research before they buy. 


What to do next!

Claiming your free CoachRanking profile should be the first thing on your “to-do-list” today so you can start taking advantage of the CoachRanking reviews algorithm and start getting your profile ranked on all the search engines.

Click the link below to get started.

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June 14th, 2020 by Corey Teramana

Did you know that CoachRanking has 6 specific levels of profiles to help Coaches, Consultants and service providers build their business and to help users (clients) get the most from the site so they can achieve their goals?


Ok cool, tell me all about them Corey!

Level 1 profile – Allows anyone to create a free profile to comment on profiles, to give rankings and to get access to the full CoachRanking website. So, this is for everyone that doesn’t have a Coach, Consultant or service provider profile.

Level 2 profile – Allows a Coach, Consultant or service provider to create (or claim) a business free profile listing. A level 2 user can update their picture, update their biography and choose up to three niche categories that best describe their business.

Level 3 profile – Allows a level 2 user to upgrade their CoachRanking account so they can create a deeper connection with users on their profile. This upgrade allows you to display your best website link and your best social media link. Plus, as an added bonus the level 3 upgrade allows you to explain your “WHY” by implementing 3 story videos. The first is your COmpany Video explaining how your company came to be. The second is for your Personal Story video explaining why you love working with customers and clients. The third video is for your best Testimonial Story video. Another huge bonus that all Level 3 users get is the ability to delete any negative or spam comments on their CoachRanking profile.  A subtle bonus of having an upgraded account is that your score increases the more people watch your videos on your page. 

CoachRanking level 3 upgrade

Level 4 profile – Allows a Level 4 user to display up to 5 YouTUbe videos in their personal Training Video Carousel. Again, the goal is to not only connect with but educate your audience while they’re on your CoachRanking profile page. Your videos will showcase your expertise and give potential consumers a first hand experience of what you offer when you work with people. Take someone from point “A” to point “B” in 5 videos. Are you up for it? This will help people upvote the usefulness of your profile and create massive amounts of goodwill and value too! With the Level 4 upgrade, you get all the features of the Level 3 profile upgrade!

CoachRanking level 4 upgrade

Level 5 profile – Activates the Contact ME Directly button feature which helps you get into enrollment conversations with interested prospects on your CoachRanking profile page. You get direct messages at the exact perfect time from highly engaged leads. Another feature of the Level 5 upgrade is that your profile is converted into RUSH Affiliate Status so you can make up to 60% commissions as a super affiliate. Gives you the ability to build teams of affiliates underneath you and make override commissions on their sales while we train your teams of affiliates each week. For the Coach looking to increase their bottom line at the end of the month, the Level 5 upgrade helps you do that by simply inviting others to claim their free CoachRanking profiles. With the Level 5 upgrade, you get all the features of the Level 3 and Level 4 profile upgrades!

CoachRanking level 5 upgrade

Level 6 profile – This is an add on profile level upgrade that works with any Level 2-5 profile. You become a Sponsored Leaderboard profile at the top of your category niche of choice. So anytime someone searches your niche, your profile is displayed at the top of the results page and is highlighted in yellow. You will have exclusive positioning for 30 days and this is the fastest way to build your CoachRanking profile and business. One thing that’s very important to convey here is that each niche only has 3 spots available and that this feature is offered on a first come first serve basis, so act now to see if your desired niche position is available. Depending on what category your specific niche falls into the cost is based on popularity in three different types of category, Alternate, Standard and Premium. To check availability, visit this CoachRanking link here to grab it before someone else does. 

CoachRanking level 6 upgrade

To see the complete plans and pricing table, click this link here to learn more.

And to create your free profile click this link:

I thank you very much for reading this whole blog article and encourage you to reach out if our team can answer any questions for you around what plan may be the best to help you accomplish the specific goals you have in mind for your CoachRanking profile! Just reach out to

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create an action plan
July 8th, 2019 by Corey Teramana

In the previous blog article titled, “How to create your best 30 day goal,”(opens in a new tab) we focused on creating the BEST 30 day goal possible for this time in your life. Now, in this blog article, we focus on making a very simple action plan that you would focus on from here on out.

Thinking about the huge goal can be overwhelming and actually put us behind schedule…

Thinking about a simple daily action step to take you closer that that big goal is funner and more productive.

This tends to be the most overlooked process of goal setters. The result? You avoid overwhelm and actually feel like your goal is attainable and possible throughout your 30 day period!

Quick Notes:

Focus on the little milestones that will make up your complete goal. This step makes our process fun, manageable and easier.

Getting Started With Your Goal Milestones!

We’ll be chunking down your goal into about 5, 10 action steps to focus on. So, from here on, we won’t talk about or even focus on your 30 day goal. We’ll become obsessed with the simpler 5-10 action step milestones. We’ll gamify it or turn it into a fun game… you’ll see. 

Ok, this part should be fun and bring you great relief if you’ve been stressing or wondering about HOW WE’RE GOING TO ACHIEVE THIS MONSTROUS 30 DAY GOAL. Let’s get started with the exercise below.


Start Here: Think about what it will really take to accomplish your goal. There should be simple things that you can do every day to move closer to completing the entire goal.

Pace yourself and make it easy on yourself. I’ll use the example of my goal which is to “To fill my goals class with 500 people”

If I have 20 days after my prep period (of 10 days), what can I do everyday to inch closer to it? I’ll do mine, then you can create yours below mine.


Pro Tip: these action steps / milestones may not be day specific. Meaning that if you have 20 days total… and “5” action steps, you’ll work on one milestone for about 4 days each. 


Right? Some shorter and some longer. Try and make them even if possible.

My Example of My Goal Milestones…

*** I have to say, mine is an advanced option and fairly complex goal. Probably a bad example, but it’s what I WANT MOST and can manage! And I’ve been doing this process for the past 10+ years with astounding success, so I can take it on and get it done. I could have used the example of gaining 5lbs of muscle or in going to yoga 6 days a week. Right? Your goal doesn’t need to be complex or too big. Remember, we’ll have additional time to expand out goal next month if we want to.


Milestone / Action step #1: Make sure my FB group is live with a link to my Registration page in the description and rules for the group members on conduct and spamming.


Milestone / Action step #2: Get my second 30 Day Goal group member by personally messaging and calling FB friends to the FB group registration page. Also invite friends, family members and acquaintances.


Milestone / Action step #3: Create my FB ads (5 variations) and link them to my FB Group Registration page. (Includes new photo for each, headline and CTA)


Milestone / Action step #4: Turn on my FB ads and go LIVE


Milestone / Action step #5: Create and launch organic marketing materials, MEMEs and videos to disseminate and post to all 7 of my Social Media Platforms


Milestone / Action step #6: Check my FB ads stats and modify them to get $1 per registration. 


Milestone / Action step #7:Ask everyone for help including (YOU) and the others already in this room to invite their friends while I also Invite the rest of my FB friends again (for the second time)


Milestone / Action step #8:  Increase my budget spend by 50% on my winning ads and cut the losing or (unpopular / non converting) FB ads


Milestone / Action step #9:  Create my Youtube Video Ads (2 variations) and link them to my Registration page. (Includes 2 previously shot videos, 2 headlines and 2 CTA’s)


Milestone / Action step #10: Ask for help again from the FB group to invite their friends. Ask my friends for a third time to join!


There it is… A big goal, 10 realistic action steps, an average of 2 days for each milestone and would yield an average of 25 new people per day. Now, because I do this full time and have the resources to support it, it’s considered a S.M.A.R.T. 30 Day Goal! Will I beat that goal? Likely. Can I quadruple it the following month? Likely. Is it realistic and attainable enough to build wins and momentum for everything else in my life? YES


Now it’s your turn (If you’re following along and actually setting your Action Plan now…!)

So, rewrite your final BEST 30 day goal again for clarity on your paper.

Now choose how many action steps are required to accomplish it and organize your actions below. (5? 10? It’s your call)


Make ten the MAXIMUM amounts of steps. If it requires more… downsize your goal because we don’t want this first one too overwhelming. 


We’ll build on these goals as the days, weeks and months go by. We’re looking for small wins first.


Make these as simple small and clear as possible

And if you’d like to come and do this process with us and let us support you… please do so. You can meet us and get registered at 


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